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D700 Auto-Focus no longer beeps

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  • D700 Auto-Focus no longer beeps

    Hi Everyone,
    This is possibly a stupid question, but my Nikon D700 no longer beeps when I press the shutter half-way to automatically focus. It is focusing okay (I can still take photos), but it no longer beeps. I can not for the life of me figure out what is wrong, I checked the "sound" setting, and that is turned on.

    Thanks for your help!


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    Huh, my first thought that maybe the setting wasn't set right in the menu, I turned mine off on my D80 beacuse it drove me nuts lol! Almost like the keys on a mobile phone!

    Maybe the speaker is broken? Does it have a speaker?
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      Might want to check the focusing mode too. My D300 doesn't beep if I'm in Continuous focus mode.
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        Set it to single point autofocus single servo and I bet it will beep if the beep is turned on in the menu.
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          I feel like this is a good thing, but to each his/her own.

          It's probably a setting, as mentioned above.
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            Hello ...

            I have just had exactly the same problem ... and fixed it ... Phew!!

            On the left hand side of the D700 is a small round switch with C,S,M change it back to S !!

            Hope this helps

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              Seems like I remember the beep doesn't sound in AFC. I might be wrong.
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                Makes sense, you don't want the camera beeping like a heart monitor every time it refocuses...
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