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Fuji Finepix S700 Tips for Success

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  • Fuji Finepix S700 Tips for Success

    I have had my Fuji for almost a year. During this time I have had several issues trying to get the best quality out of this great little camera. I've learned a few things that I would like to pass on to other S700 users.

    1. Keep your ISO as low as possible. Auto tends to choose a higher than necessary ISO - so use Program mode and pick a low ISO if the lighting allows. Also grain seems to be a MUCH bigger issue with this P&S than with my dslr. Don't use ISO 1600 unless you must - the grain isn't very pretty.

    2. Use the Macro mode. For close shots (like filling the frame with a face) you probably need to use the Macro mode to get the camera to focus. Super macro is fun for attempting to get pretty blurred background shots (Don't expect much though - P&S's don't get the same amount of creamy background as dlsr's at equivalent apertures).

    3. The manual focus takes a while to respond. The manual focus is kind of a pain to use. You may have to hold the zoom toggle in the direction you want to focus for a length of time before you notice any difference.

    Good luck with your Fuji's and please share any tips/tricks you've learned to get better shots!
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    I have the same camera and had it for a while.

    I just started playing with it's "advanced features" as normally I kept it on SP1
    to take any pics.

    After learning about playing with features (i.e. apeture, iso, shutter speed, white..etc)
    I'm discovering a whole different world of what it can do.

    I just wish you could change out the lenses like the SLRs. I think this camera is
    in the class in the middle. In between an P&S and SLR.

    Anyone have any pics that they have taken with this camera?


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      This was taken with my Fuji S700.... I know the back is "grainy" looking. I am just a beginner, but would appreciate any suggestions about how to change that. I see an earlier post about that ISO being set low, but any other suggestions?
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        Hmmmm I would recommend putting it to Program Mode and maybe set the ISO 200 or 400 also under the program mode you can adjust the intensity of the flash. This shoot I took with my S700 in Program Mode at ISO 200 and I drop the flash to the lowest intensity possible.