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  • Next Camera Lense for Canon 650

    As I am very new to photography can anyone suggest my next lense purchase? I didn't get the kit lenses when I bought the camera and got the 18-135mm STM Canon lense. This has worked really well but thought I might like a 70-300 lense. Any thoughts?

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    I've got a 650D - with the kit. Because I shoot film too, I started buying the EF lenses, and to save me the expense of any future full frame upgrades. Really it all depends what you're shooting - I do a lot of bands, so extremely low light so I bought a 50mm 1.4, which I find incredible for everything although it is quite a leap to not have any zoom anymore and it does set you bac quite a bit in the budget. 1.8 would probably be good too, but from what I've read build quality is a bit substandard and I love that extra bit of bokeh. I then got the cheap 75-300 EF, which is good to have just for the sake of having a telephoto and I used it when I was skiing with my film camera - they both work very well on the 650D - and would mean you're not really buying something that is already covered by your current lens.

    Sorry to ramble, that's just my choice, I am missing having wide angle though, which will be my next buy I reckon
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      What do you want to use your new lens for?
      Flickr stream.


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        Read the suggestions here, and then take a look at lens reviews.

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          The 70-300 is more expensive than the 75-300, and as far as I know has better image quality. I've never tried the 75-300, but have had the 70-300 for 3 years, and enjoy using it .
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