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  • Magic Lantern *unhide* menu items

    I've gone ahead and installed ML and just now getting used to it. Wow! Lots of features.

    However, I accidentally pressed "Menu" while in the menu and it deleted (actually, "hid") a menu entry (Zebras, in this case). This is consistent with what's expected:

    Originally posted by Magic Lantern FAQ
    as you scroll through more than 100 features... No problem just press the MENU key while the Magic Lantern screen is active and you can begin to hide the functions you don't use.
    However, I need to *unhide* what I accidentally hid. The documentation says I can do it:

    Originally posted by Magic Lantern FAQ
    Those features are not gone forever, they are temporarily hidden so you get quicker access to the ones you use daily.
    But, I can't find HOW to do it...

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    From the userguide: userguide [Magic Lantern wiki]

    Display hidden menus

    To reduce menu clutter, Magic Lantern allows you to hide unused menu items. Enable this to display the hidden items, so you can re-enable them.
    Looks like a setting in the Prefs menu.

    Disclaimer: I've never touched ML, so I have no idea what to do from there.
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      Originally posted by IABoomer View Post
      From the userguide ... Looks like a setting in the Prefs menu.
      Thanks for looking and reporting back... I do appreciate the effort. Unfortunately, there is no such option. (I guess now we're into versions and feature differences...) Also, this may be a case of where the documentation doesn't match the implementation, which NEVER happens in software development, right?

      However, I *did* manage to figure it out (I think). (And documented here in case anyone searches for this in the future.)

      Actually, there are two ways:

      1) Brute force: delete the entire config file (via an option on the menu, and *is* on the Prefs menu). However, this is truly brute force and you lose all parameters that relate to ML. (Probably not desirable for most situations.)

      2) Delete something else (anything else) from the menu (or any menu). All deleted items are then temporarily visible once you start the delete sequence. You can then scroll around to undelete (or unhide) menu options or entire menus.
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        The first time you press Menu, the text background changes to red and you start editing ML menu items. All hidden menu items will reappear (temporarily). Greyed-out text indicates the item is currently hidden; white text indicates the item is not currently hidden. Pressing the Menu button will toggle the hidden/displayed state of the currently-selected item.

        So, press Menu to enter menu-editing mode, go find the item you hid, press Menu again to change it to "visible".