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  • One handed camera

    Hi all,

    Not your typical question but I was looking for people's thoughts/comments on the best camera for someone with one hand/arm? Obviously I am not looking at getting a DSLR as it would be far too difficult to use with one hand.

    I currently have the IXUS 900Ti which I love but it is quite limited in terms of manual settings and doing anything other than auto type shots.

    I am a Canon fan and was looking at the G9 as it has a lot of manual settings as well as good point and shoot auto results.

    Interested in your own views.

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    tape@bigpond, Welcome

    Yahoo gave me 54 million connections to the question, basically sorted into Straps, Small Light Cameras, and Something to Screw into your Tripod Mount.

    Which hand you're talking about would change many of those answers; one man thought a left-handed grip could be made on a camera turned upside-down, thumb pressing up on shutter-release. Actually that works; I experiment sometimes.

    My first thought was the type of lavelier used by harmonica players. Or a wrist/forearm grip, mounted with Velcro straps, attached using teeth. Or a formfitting glove attached permanently to the camera, so you slide your whole hand/wrist into the grip.

    After breaking my left wrist, this was a problem I worked on for other life needs, so I am interested in how we might help create a solution, or find one that would get you best results. I'll look at some local industries and post again soon.

    With wireless remotes and eyeglass-monitors, it doesn't necessarily have to be a problem of hand function. Is there a financial limit to this purchase? In practical terms, that will determine the type of solution. A helmet-mounted device could mean a lot more cameras would become options, and probably cost a lot more.
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      I just purchased the Manfrotto Tripod 190XPROB with Manfrotto 322RC2 Joystick head, very expensive. However very easy to manouver the camera around.

      The Tripod is very strong and steady and the grip can be changed from left to right handed. I think with patience a person with one arm could manage but is not very light, not sure if this would have an impact. Makes easy manouver of SLR I have my 400D canon set up on it. Havent had the chance to give it a real test, but just trying it in the lounge i could not believe how easy and fast you can make the changes, I am really stoked and cant wait to use it.


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        I have a G9, and I love it. I think trying it out in a store to see if it'll work for you is a good idea--the weight of it is a little awkward and might be hard to balance one-handed. But interface-wise, I think it might be a good choice. The most-common settings are set through rings/dials, rather than four-way direction buttons. The ISO dial might be awkward, but turning the dial is probably easier to do one-handed that navigating through menus.

        Another alternative to consider, if the G9 isn't comfortable for you, is the A650IS. It basically uses the same (stabilized) lens and sensor as the G9. It's essentially the same camera in a different body. It's only missing a flash hotshoe and the ability to do RAW; and it can run off AAs and has a flip-out screen. It has more of a molded grip, is a little lighter (plastic instead of metal body), and it's about US$100 cheaper. It also has full Manual, Av and Tv modes, like most of the A-series cameras do.
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          Which hand?

          Hi ya again. Just so you know I have my right hand, i.e. lost my right arm. Which is fortunate as most things are setup for righties.

          I'll chewck out the G9 but please let me know what other ideas are out there.