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Will Canon AE-1 Lens fit a Rebel T21 Digital Camera?

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  • Will Canon AE-1 Lens fit a Rebel T21 Digital Camera?

    I have an opportunity to purchase a Canon AE-1 35 MM camera with four lens
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    I'm pretty sure the answer is no

    That's probably why its such a good deal


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      The lens mount is totally different from one to the other (the change was made when Canon went from MF to Autofocus). You can get adaptors, but there are some serious limitations.

      Shooting Film can be fun, and for a kit like that for under $100, youre likely to get a fantastic bargain.
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        Basically, no. There are workarounds, none of them good.

        Two cautions on the AE-1: first, check the light seals. If the camera hasn't recently been resealed, you'll probably need to do it yourself. It's not a big deal--seal kits are inexpensive and fairly easy to apply--but if you use the camera with worn-out light seals, bits and pieces of the seals can flake off into the camera.

        Second, the original AE-1 has a focusing screen that is, for all intents and purposes, not removable, not replaceable, and not cleanable. However much crud is on there already will always be on there, and it'll only get worse over time (especially if the seals start to deteriorate). The AE-1P (Program) has a removable focusing screen which is readily cleanable and replaceable so that's not an issue with that model.

        As to whether an AE-1 is worth $100... well, that's your call. You can probably find people just giving theirs away, but maybe those aren't in as good shape.