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What sound does your digital camera make?

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  • What sound does your digital camera make?


    I am currently working on a theoretical design proposal that would use sound informatively on a digital camera. For example, instead of just beeping when your battery is low, the camera may make a certain noise when there isn't enough light and make a contrasting sound when there is too much. I wondered if people could offer suggestions of other instances where information from a digital camera could be given in sound. Or examples of their own cameras where sound is used? Or where they would like sound to be used?

    I understand this is strange as cameras are obviously visual but I am working on a paper that highlights design interfaces that have no or limited information given sonically.

    Thanks for any feedback.

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    My camera makes ONE sound: the mirror/shutter mechanism when I take a picture. I've muted everything else on purpose.
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      That said, I suppose it's interesting using sound instead of a visual clue. But I would also think it would be quite annoying to others... maybe if there were a headphone jack... You might laugh, but I'd rather see someone with headphones plugged into the camera than listen to a dog barking and a chicken clucking (I really don't like those cameras that have the odd "shutter" sounds)
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        I wish my DSLR made no sound at all when I click the shutter

        The shutter mechanism sound gets unwanted attention from creatures that I am trying to capture

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          Likewise mute all the beeps.

          An interesting concept, audio feedback. Perhaps a gradual tone going from low to high indicating under or over exposure. Rather just look at the meter though!
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            +1 here - silence for me. The beep is a

            ALTHOUGH - I wear glasses and I can barely see the info strip in the view finder. This makes it impossible to spot any warning lights flashing.
            That would not convince to install a sound in its place however - it may for some.


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              The concept may be find for a specialized product or for a consumer-level camera. But for the dSLR crowd, not so much.
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                Now if you could make it say ouch when I bump it into a door jamb.....
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