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  • Too much processing?

    So, I kind of did things backwards. Before I got into photography, I was really into image editing (Photoshop CS2+ to begin with, I've recently become obsessed with Lightroom). I got into photography through my image editing. I've seen people here who take beautiful natural unedited photos, so this is my question. Is this photo too heavily edited? I'm worried that I'm getting too into post-processing, maybe that my photos are looking too over-done? I'm kind of new to photography, so I just want to know if I need to tone it down a bit, or should I just go wild, or does it even matter? If you were a customer, would you pay for a photo this processed? I'm not sure if it's a good thing, a bad thing, or just a me thing.

    But of course, not all of my photos are so heavily processed, and I do try my best to take great photos without processing.

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    125 ISO
    Edited in Lightroom 3

    Sorry for writing a novel!
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    It is your art and as such there is no right and wrong. Would it sell? For every seller there is a buyer. But you may never meet! If you were Andy Warhol this would sell. If you were Jim Sanders your mother would not even post it on the fridge... So that is a subjective thing and not really answerable.

    It is a nice image in that it is interesting but it isn't engaging or compelling. It doesn't tell a story so to speak. The shadows are mixed and uneven which hurts the composition which is meh. Being dead center in the image really doesn't hurt but doesn't help it either.

    I like the fact that you are on an adventure of discovery and I am sure that you will find many fascinating things to photograph and process in your artistic vision. That is a good thing.

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      Thank you so much for your help! As far as composition goes, that seems to be my weak point, so your critique really helps!
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        I like it. You'd think the strawberry was metallic the way the lights reflecting off it with that silvery appearance.
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          Originally posted by JFSanders View Post
          The shadows are mixed and uneven
          Yeah, I'd have to agree. They're uneven enough that they were distracting me from the photo.

          Other than that, I have to say I like it. I'm a big fan of high key, and over-processed photos. Good for you maintaining an open, ready-to-learn attitude; you'll go far with your photography.

          Best of luck!
          In love with light!
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            Where I see over-editing as more of an issue is on portraits. I think this image looks neat the way it is edited. Editing is going to vary by image - and like a PP stated, the answer is subjective.
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              Guilty as charged here too. I am new to digital processing and there have been MANY times that I have processed an image, thought that it looked good and then choked on my coffee the next morning when I saw it after eight hours of sleep.

              I think this image is good. I do wish that the harsher secondary shadow was not there as it's distracting. Love the texture on the strawberry that was enhanced by your processing. Not sure that the image stands on its own based on the current composition but I find it interesting to look at and think that you're on to something.




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                I am going to go against the grain with my comment but please dont take it as being negative. I am not a huge fan of the B&W. I don't think it does anything for this shot. To me when I see a strawberry (especially alone) I automatically expect to see vibrant green and red. I think that would have looked better on a plain white background. The secondary shadow is also very distracting.

                I am by no means a professional though and am just sharing my views as a casual viewer.
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