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Bride & Groom before the wedding

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  • Bride & Groom before the wedding

    I did my first wedding a couple months back and it was a horrible experience. The people didn't really want to work with a photographer and kept urging me to hurry. Needless to say the photos weren't great. After hours on PS I got some pictures the clients were very pleased with .

    This one, however is really cute and I have played and played with it. I think there is a lot of potential in it and I just don't know how to go about getting it to the WOW shot that I think it can be.

    All suggestions are greatly appreciated and I ask that no editing be done on this photo, just critiques. Thanks!

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    i like this photo - her little smirk is great. the only thing i might have tried was (and obviously this suggestion could be used for the next time you shoot a wedding and not in pp work) to work with your camera angle a bit. A good piece of advice i was always given by some great photographers was to put your camera in unique places, a.k.a. not eye level in this situation...if you do put it at eye level make it dramatic.

    As far as pp work maybe crop a bit off the top so their heads are at the topI do like this shot and how it plays with the whole idea of you can see the bride before the wedding! Nice job!


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      Great idea.

      Maybe if they didn't pose for the camera would be better, if it was shot like a candid-lookalike.
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        I would try lightening it up a little. From a compositional perspective, I think this would have looked nice with their eyes downward rather than looking right at you. Cool shot though. Maybe try and diminish his shadow too, and glasses glare.
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          I agree with KathrynWilson, I'm not sure how I feel about the shadow on the right side of his face. Besides that this is a cute shot. Have you tried cropping the bottom of the photo to just above the waist and the top to just above the tops of their heads? Just a random thought and may give you an alternative version of this shot that you might end up liking.

          I'm sure wedding photography can be tricky, I've never done it myself, but whenever I shoot local musicians or bands I usually end up cropping some of the leftover shots to tighten in on the chest and face area and I personally end up liking them a bit more.
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            I like this photo, it's different than than the normal wedding poses. I think if they were each facing the door slightly, as if they were looking at each other would interesting as well.
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              Thanks for the tips. I have another wedding next weekend, and I would like to try this shot again, so I'm gonna use these suggestions. Thanks again!
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                you can get rid of the shadow on his face with by dodging on a different layer.

                if you were going to try this shot again, i'd try some fill flash to see how it turns out.

                good luck with the next wedding and don't be afraid to tell people what to do.
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