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  • exhausted

    i'am lookin for any comment and critic which could have made this pic better
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    I like this. It has good elements. The focus is good, crop is good. There is emotion and drama in his face. It's an interesting shot. The only critique that I could make would be the shirt. When we quickly look at an image...especially a portrait... take notice of the first thing that our eyes are drawn to. It should be the face or the eyes. Here, every time I look at it, my eyes first go to the shirt.

    This is why so many dramatic portraits are black and white... there is no color to distract from the faces. Overall a very good job.
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        Nice shot, interesting facial expression, it looks very oversharpened though (maybe just a resizing issue?), I agree with rspears, this could be a good candidate for a b&w conversion.
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