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    After literally years of hesitation, here is my first post, so be nice! :P

    This is a picture I took with my 55-200 VR (on a D90) of some Mexican folk in San Miguel Allende. These guys where under a very big tree on a sunny day, and I was just shooting from afar. Unfortunately the guy in the background didn't have a sombrero, but well, tried cropping him and I'm not very satisfied. Probably the image is a bit too much on the reds, but oh well, it reminds me of San Miguel.


    Thanks for your comments!
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    Welcome to DPS! Please take a look at the forum rules and amend your post accordingly.

    I agree with your thoughts on the white balance. Definitely too warm for my taste. Do you have any post processing software? If so, you'll probably want to lower the WB.

    It's too bad that last guy is just wearing a cap. I don't think cropping him out will help though, because you won't be able to cut him out entirely without cropping the middle guy a little.
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      Cool pic!

      I'd agree it's too red... if you don't know how to change the white balance just open up a hue/saturation adjustment level (presuming you have photoshop) and click the drop down option that says "master", select "red" and then slide the saturation level a bit to the left.

      Also I'd advise just upping the midtones a little with the levels tool as it's a tad under exposed.

      I like the image tho, really cool looking dudes!
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        Ok ok. In fact I work in Lightroom 3 with RAW files. I'm gonna try to do something about the WB and the red saturation. I'll post the result here!

        Thanks for the comments.
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