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    Hey everyone,

    Now Im starting to get a bit of time on my hands thought I would have a go at using my macro extension tubes with my 18-55 and 50 f1.8 and see what I could come up with. The photos I took have all been in full manual with manual focus and these are the jpegs saved along with the raw file. I have started shooting with raw despite being a beginner so that I can hopefully bring out the full potential if I get a half decent shot. Anyway here is what I think to be the best shot with others posted to Flickr (See Signature) for your opinion and advice.

    Rose Macro Test 1-1

    Canon 1000D 18-55mm 50mm 70-300mm

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    That's fantastic. Great composition, great light, great detail. You even went so far as to spray the rose to give the water drop effect. For the sake of criticising something my only recommendation is to have the whole background contrasting rather than some of it blending. The other rose in the background naturally leads the eyes away from your main subject due to its relative position. So the only thing I would do differently is remove that rose from the background.

    Great shot!!!


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      To get the most from the critique section you'll need to include more info. What you need can be found within the critique section rules/guidelines. Thank you in advance for editing your post!



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        Thanks for the replies, all feedback is really appreciated and encouraging!

        I wanted to concentrate on the edge of the rose and try to get a sharp image. I need to try and get something to use as a background for my macro shots, maybe a piece of white or black card? What do other people prefer to use?

        I have been finding it a little difficult to get the sharpness I wanted and have to set aperture and lock it before fitting my extension tubes. I have been ranging between f8 - f22 to try to keep some depth, the downside is that the image in the viewfinder is very dark so trying to get focus is quite hard.

        As a beginner am I correct selecting in this aperture range to try and get as much of the flower in focus as possible? In the set I took, some of the outer edges are in focus (closer to camera) and the centre (further away) is blurred like in photo 1-5 and 1-6.

        Sorry forgot to add exif in original post. Using a tripod and remote shutter release and took all the shots in my kitchen which is quite dark so I used different shutter speeds until finding one that was right. Due to using my tubes Exif for focal length not present so here is some of the info;
        Canon 1000D
        Exposure 1.5
        Aperture f/0.0
        Focal Length 0 mm
        ISO Speed 100
        Exposure Bias 0 EV
        Flash Off, Did not fire
        Metering Mode Evaluative

        Again thanks for the input, I would be lost without DPS and its members!
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        Canon 1000D 18-55mm 50mm 70-300mm