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  • Weird Lolipop

    Weird lollipop
    Exposure: 5 sec (5)
    Aperture: f/29
    Focal Length: 55 mm
    ISO Speed: 200
    Exposure Bias: 0/6 EV

    This my first close up using a longer shutter speed and a tripod. I was given this lollipop and thought I had to try and take a picture. The worm is in the lollipop.
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    My brother brought me back one of these from Mexico. I think the lillipop was Tequilla, or Mezcal with the Agave' worm (Spelling?) inside. I couldn't bring myself to taste it, but the dog wouldn't touch it, if that tells you anything. Nice shot. I wouldn't recommend eating the sucker. It's probably better suited as a paperweight! LOL. Thanks for sharing.
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      Nice clarity. My mom bought one for me a while back as well. You see, I just LOVE candy...especially unique candy, so she thought it'd be clever to get me the tequila one.

      For the record, I threw it out. I draw the line on candy if there's a bug in it...

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        i'm a sugar freak and that worm is absolutely putting me off from my next snack.....

        which is a image is as sharp as a it should be with an aperture of 29.....i can tell you put more than a moment of thought into this image.....your background and your lighting angle tell the tale.....

        consider in the future, more than one light to spin your story....the shadows are a detraction....

        thanks for sharing such a gruesome thing as this.....

        also, when presenting for critique, remember to include your exif data so that the members can more easily tell the hows.....and a brief description of the why's with a few pointed critique questions will go a long way to gaining more feedback.....

        thanks for sharing

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          I guess being from so cal has desensitized me to those, lol

          Nice shot!
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            thanks for your comment. The shadow in the picture is probably me. I was using the light from the window to shine onto the piece of card that the sweet was on and I was standing behind the camera, I must have been in the way.
            I was actually inspired to take the picture with the high f number and slow speed after reading the article as you open this site, I would never had thought of doing it this way if I hadn`t read it. Now could you tell me how to include the exif data when I post?
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              Originally posted by billmac57 View Post
              Now could you tell me how to include the exif data when I post?
              easy enough.....

              on your image's page on flickr there is some text to the lower right of your image that says "more properties".....cilck that, copy and paste this information into the field of your post here.....there's no need to copy all of it, just the few lines about shutter speed, aperture, iso and flash....

              canon rebel xt, sigma 28-70mm

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