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My 1st attempt...pointers please

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  • My 1st attempt...pointers please

    I'm a newbie here. After owning the Panansonic FZ45 for about 3 years I have finally attempted to learn about apperture etc my low light shots have alawys been terrible but I think I'm geting there, any suggestions on how to further improve my photo would be appreciated. Thanks

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    It looks like you've already noticed how deep and rich some of the hues can be in low-light photography. You're also getting strong silhouttes (which is normal and even "good"). My (only?) pointer for now is not technical or camera related, but about composition.

    The silhouetted lines are all reduced to two dimensions. What you see with your eyes is in 3-D and you can see the distance between the tree branches overhead and the trees on the opposite bank. However, the camera can't. Your silhouettes are getting all jumbled up with each other. Keep the lines simpler and (continue to) make sure that each shape is recognizable.
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      Thanks for replying Dave, great advice ! I admit my choice of location could have been better. I will do better next time


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        You mentioned your aperture setting but didnt post it for us. Can you tell us what you exif settings were?



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          Erm I didn't pay attention to what I was setting at the time so have just looked back and my camera is telling me it was f5.6 iso 400 and 8 (I'm assuming that's the shutter speed ?) exposure was +3. I really am just learning as I go.Practice makes perfect eh ?


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            So you've probably noticed that you get the most colorful skies in the golden hours. I agree that the silhouettes are too busy in this shot - there are too many of them. I would look for simpler silhouettes. The easiest type of landscape shot is where you just expose for the sky. It will be more difficult to include some foreground interest in your shot because you will have the challenge of getting the foreground and sky both correctly exposed and you'll have to use some combination of ND grad filter\bracketing your shots so you have the whole dynamic range covered.
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              Hi Greg, thanks for that, tbh the location wasn't really planned I realise it's not ideal but as I didn't have my tripod with me I used a fence post amongst the bushes lol I know I need a LOT more work!. Athough I understand what shutter speeds, aperture etc are...finally !! I still stuggle with what is best to use in varied situations, I kind of have the theory but I'm yet to succeed putting it into practice. This site and the forums have been a great help. Have a very Merry Christmas !