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Vancouver Harbour and bridge

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  • Vancouver Harbour and bridge

    Could anyone tell me why this photo looks so flat? I've taken it with compact, so I'm not sure how interested most people will be. I used spot metering and focus.
    I have a sony dsc w 170.
    Focal length 5mm
    Fstop F8
    Exposure 1/800 s

    Link to Flickr page

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    Hello and welcome to DPS.

    One of the reasons which makes it look flat is because there's no element which creates a strong depth sense, like for instance the boat being in a first plane. In your pic, both of the primary interest elements are moreless on the same plane (now try to imagine the boat, appearing much closer and therefore larger, at the lower right zone!). Look the pictures in this tutorial, you will see they have depth, and you will also notice the elements of interest are arranged in different planes: 11 Surefire Landscape Photography Tips

    Another reason is because there are almost no lines which can add depth, apart from the bridge itself. You can read about this here: How to Create Depth in Landscape Photography | Black Star Rising

    I recommend you to read the short tutorial I already mentioned above:
    11 Surefire Landscape Photography Tips

    I hope it gives you ideas and that you capture great landscapes!



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      Aw brilliant Aleix, that makes so much sense about them being in the same plane! Thanks for the links.
      Link to Flickr page