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not sure what is best

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  • not sure what is best

    i have theis photo i like the colour but the wife likes the B&W

    The Long Road Ahead



    I would like to get the very best out of the image, i used photoshop with a combination of silver fxpro and hdrpro for the b&w one lol or could i just make the B&W one better than the colour one as i spent less time on it and used defult settings then altered the opacity on the layers

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    As shown here, I prefer the color version.

    I'm not generally a big fan of selective color because it became so cliche. However, in this case, there's a good balance between what's in color and what's not. The monochrome clouds draw my attention to the texture in them. The color on the ground level helps draw contrast between the daunting storm in the clouds (which has just passed) and the "life as normal" on the ground.

    In the monochrome version, it looks to me like it's a starting point, but still yet to go through adjustment. It's like the "before/after" that we often see of B&W images, but we're still in the before stage, and after some tweaking will be much more dynamic. After that, I might swing my vote toward it, but I don't think it's likely.
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      I love 1st more.
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      The beam of 1w blue laser is just amazing under my Canon Eos 7D shot.


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        I agree the first one it looks amazing. In my opinion the second looks boring!
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          thank you all for the imput


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            The first is more dramatic and more interesting. Nice shot.


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              I think I would choose the B&W one if it more pure blacks and more contrast.
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                You really shouldn't use automatic B&W conversion...
                But I still think I prefer the color version.
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                  color works better

                  Hi there, new here! I just wanted to say I think the color version works better because there is so much texture in all zones of the photo sky, hills, road that the eye doesn't know what to look at when it's all greyscale. By adding selective color you give the eye some visual separation/distinction between elements so that the brain can better interpret what it's seeing.