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Does the split tone improve the image

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  • Does the split tone improve the image

    I have just started playing with converting RAWs to B&W, including using split tones.

    Does the added split tone improve the overall quality of the image?

    Also is the composition too busy?

    Looking forward to your comments,

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    Each has a different feeling; very subjective. But since you asked about composition, I have to ask back: what is your subject? My sense is it's more the stuff on the left. Which means you have a lot of dead space on the right, like between the two columns. I might suggest cropping in from the right to the inner column. (I'm doing this from memory because with attachments, apparently responder cannot see the images)

    Hope that helps!



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      Thanks for your comment!

      I was trying to create a triangle with the lines connecting the lion, fountain and large cypress tree.

      I also wanted to capture the perspective from standing inside the structure. That is why I choose to leave the 2 columns on the right in the shot.

      I have cropped out one of the colums and it definetly moves the eyes to the triangle as desired!

      Thank again.