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Ipod video photo shoot

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  • Ipod video photo shoot

    Was bored and decided to do a photo shoot of my ipod video . click on each photo for the enlarge.

    Ipod Video photoshoot

    Ipod Video photoshoot
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    Wow, did you get those speakers in focus! Tho I do like the first one better. I don't like how its blurred on the one corner of the Ipod on the second picture.
    Is it just me, or is your Ipod dusty? That's the way it looks
    Very cute and creative, good work!


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      ipod or headphone shoot ?

      I like the whole feel of the shots but if its a shoot of your ipod i don't see it. Its more like a shot of the ipod head phones.
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        Originally posted by Sita 900 View Post
        Is it just me, or is your Ipod dusty? That's the way it looks
        It looks like he has a case on his ipod.. another indication is that otherwise the back half would be silver

        very interesting shot here.. always good to be curious about 'what would this do'? I'm not a huge fan of the second one either, taking the headphone wires out of focus just puts a big blur down there, though this could be played with in the shoot if you know it's going to happen.
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          i like the first one out of the two; not a fan of the blurred cord in the second one. i agree that it would have been nice to have actually seen more of the ipod vs the headphones (even tho they are iconic). incredibly sharp shots tho
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