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close up of my daughter

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  • close up of my daughter

    this is a picture of my daughter.

    Has been heavily cropped, and slight color adjustments.

    Did I crop too much? Original can be found here.

    Other crop attempts are in the web album as well.


    Living in Boston, MA, shooting with a Nikon D80 and a Nikon 18 - 200 lens.

    It is ok by me if you would like to edit any pictures that I post here on dps, for use here on the dps forums.

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    Very nice! My feelings are that you have captured her innner joy as well as her outer beauty. I don't have as much cropping experience as some of our community members; but I like your crop. I think you enhanced the photo from the original. I see the focus as being a bit soft but I am thinking that the way you have it is right for this photo. I think I am learning that soft focus and sharp focus have their applications to particular subjects. Perhaps one of the senior members can speak to us on that subject.

    How do you think you might lighten up her beautiful blue eyes?

    Best Regards,

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      i would love to lighten up the eyes. any suggestions?
      Living in Boston, MA, shooting with a Nikon D80 and a Nikon 18 - 200 lens.

      It is ok by me if you would like to edit any pictures that I post here on dps, for use here on the dps forums.


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        Seriously.... I love the crop. Some of my friends hate to crop off any part of anyone's face but I feel you drawn us into her face. I flipped thru your posts and I really like the B&W one. I could imagine that shot in the frame hanging on a wall or displayed on the mantle.

        Capture as many shots of your kids faces and keep an album of just faces and watch how much it'll change over a span of time.

        Keep the shots coming!
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          I like that you cropped away the dark shirt she was wearing... now the focus is soley on her lovely face.
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            lightening eyes

            Originally posted by ilike2spike View Post
            i would love to lighten up the eyes. any suggestions?
            What post processing software do you use?
            I use Photoshop Elements 6. I beleive you can also do this in Gimp (Free - download off internet).

            First you want to select just the eye area you want to lighten. Then you can go into levels or brightness contrast adjustments and tweek the sliders until you get the results you want. If you are still trying to fix this, I can try better to help or tweek it for you myself and give you the info. (I noticed the post was kinda old, so you've probably given up or found a solution)

            Beautiful picture by the way! I think with the eyes popped just a smidge brighter it would be glorious.
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              Nice shot, thanks for sharing.
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                I think you did a great job here. I agree with the suggestion of lightening up her blue eyes. Excellent picture it really does capture her innocence.
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                  A very adorable picture, Very nice shot!!
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                    Beautiful daughter! I love this shot and the crop.


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                      Love the crop, it looks really nice and she is adorable.


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                          Hey, ilikespike.. Hope you don't mind but I played in photoshop with your pic. It's probably not the greatest, but your daughter is such a cutie it didn't really need any retouching, but here you go.
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                            Lovely pic lovely daughter but is the croptoo tight? yes and no.

                            Yes, why go from portrait to landscape?

                            No, go tighter, really show what you are concentrating on.

                            This is sort of mid-to-mod.
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                              Pretty Kid-lightened the eys with dodge tool set a 12% soft brush,and smart-sharpened image- worst way to ruin an image is to use brightness/contrast-it should never have been included-not fine enough control.Regards, Ken