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close up of my daughter

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    Originally posted by 0523jk View Post
    北京京九管道疏通公司疏通管道,净化 北京朝阳区管道疏通 为了方便市民,在北京各区加急服务
    thats exactly what i thought...
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      Originally posted by candleman View Post
      Originally Posted by 0523jk
      北京京九管道疏通公司疏通管道,净化 北京朝阳区管道疏通 为了方便市民,在北京各区加急服务
      thats exactly what i thought...

      LMAO!!!! I don't think the OP is still an active member guys! So if you just want to play around with their picture I'm sure they won't mind, but there doesn't seem to be much point in complementing or critizing it!

      I'm basing this on the fact that the original post was in Jan of this year, the OP only has 19 post in the last 10 months, and I don't remember ever seeing this user name before. But I could be wrong.
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        I really dont think that you cropped it too much at all. If anything I think the crop you chose makes the picture. The little girl is so innocent, it really makes you appreciate the picture even more. Well dont you captured quiete a treat.
        Originally posted by ilike2spike View Post
        this is a picture of my daughter.

        Has been heavily cropped, and slight color adjustments.

        Did I crop too much? Original can be found here.

        Other crop attempts are in the web album as well.



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          I'll say you cropped too much, but thats only because I don't like it when you can't see the entire head/face in a portrait.
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            alternative crop

            I'm a bit surprised to see some of the responses; interestingly, from the way you ask the question I think you know you've cropped too much. It's fine on top and to the side, but the way the lower part of the pic cuts straight across her chin just does not work Very chopped - you need to include part of her neck for completeness. The other option, as alluded to by someone else here, is crop in real close. I've made an example here, hope you're cool with that... Colour and the moment captured real nice though!
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