1. Practical digital photography assignments for the Digital Photography School community to participate in.

      454 Threads
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    2. How I took It (27 Viewing)

      A space for readers to share a digital image and tell us how they took it.

      2,179 Threads
      21,735 Posts

      Rare Hibiscus

      07-29-2014, 03:35 PM by Glayva

    3. Before and After (6 Viewing)

      A space for readers to share their post production skills (and for others to learn how they did it).

      2,609 Threads
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    4. A place for discussion on earning money with photography

      4,170 Threads
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    5. Competitions (2 Viewing)

      A home for photography competitions of all shapes and sizes.

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    6. General Chit Chat (179 Viewing)

      Introductions, Off topic Discussion, Suggestions and Feedback

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    7. A place for all Games and challenges members come up with :)

      429 Threads
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      Six degrees of...

      Yesterday, 09:55 PM by Paco_X

    8. The place to organise your global photo walks and/or meet with other members

      240 Threads
      1,464 Posts

      Sydney, Australia

      07-09-2014, 09:34 PM by RichardTaylor

    1. Share your landscape and cityscape photos here.

      13,683 Threads
      72,278 Posts
    2. People - SYS (13 Viewing)

      Share your people related images here.

      10,761 Threads
      62,111 Posts

      Baby Boy

      Today, 03:57 PM by John Hendry

    3. Macro & Close Up - SYS (12 Viewing)

      A place to share your best macro photographs.

      5,840 Threads
      30,834 Posts


      Today, 06:14 AM by Roshenk

    4. Share your awesome animal and wildlife photos here.

      8,480 Threads
      40,992 Posts

      Serengeti Animals

      Today, 10:39 PM by NgaiHill

    5. Show us your processed, HDR and other digitally altered images.

      3,680 Threads
      15,820 Posts

      Pigs on the wing

      Today, 07:37 PM by zona5101

    6. Share your sports and action photographs here!

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    7. Photojournalism - SYS (4 Viewing)

      Your story telling through photographs.

      846 Threads
      4,727 Posts


      Today, 02:18 PM by zona5101

    8. Other - SYS (26 Viewing)

      If it doesn't fit in one of the other SYS categories, put it here!

      10,394 Threads
      60,087 Posts

      Pictures from Chicago

      Today, 08:38 PM by BPhil8835

    9. A place to share your 52's and your 365's - And other projects.

      1,906 Threads
      9,276 Posts

      Shirin's 365 Project

      Yesterday, 03:26 PM by shiringupta

    10. SYS Archive (28 Viewing)

      This forum CLOSED. Please use one of the new SYS forums HERE

      43,945 Threads
      376,026 Posts

      Make a wish ... sooon ... !

      02-28-2010, 03:06 PM by nicholasleezt

    1. A place to get critique on your landscape / cityscape photos. Please follow the posting rules..

      9,122 Threads
      55,140 Posts
    2. People - Critique (22 Viewing)

      A place to get critique on your people related photos, be they portrait, candid or whatever. Please follow the posting rules..

      10,857 Threads
      76,917 Posts

      Baby on bed

      Today, 11:05 PM by Cherylynne1

    3. A place to get critique on your Macro photos. Please follow the posting rules..

      3,527 Threads
      16,169 Posts

      Question Food 8 - Scallops

      Today, 09:58 PM by Nicole

    4. A place to get critique on your Animal/Wildlife photos. Please follow the posting rules..

      3,543 Threads
      18,125 Posts

      Dog in action

      07-29-2014, 01:56 AM by amoringello

    5. A place for heavily processed photos IE: HDR etc.. that require critique. Please be sure to read the rules before posting..

      1,963 Threads
      12,280 Posts

      cloud/sky correction

      07-28-2014, 06:48 AM by istephallard

    6. A place for sports or action photos that require critique. Please be sure to read the rules before posting..

      1,276 Threads
      8,506 Posts

      Concert Shots

      Yesterday, 02:42 PM by zona5101

    7. Other - Critique (4 Viewing)

      A place for other photos that require critique but with no obvious section of its own. Please be sure to read the rules before posting..

      3,732 Threads
      16,850 Posts

      Vintage Boat Interior

      07-29-2014, 12:15 AM by marc_714

    8. Our Archives of our critique section before it was categorised ...

      5,264 Threads
      33,269 Posts
    9. Comparison - Critique (4 Viewing)

      You have two edits of the same photo, you'd like critique and help choosing between the two - here's the place to do it.

      1,025 Threads
      7,126 Posts


      Yesterday, 08:55 PM by chris_zeel

    1. Composition (27 Viewing)

      Tips, Discussion and Questions of Composition Techniques

      782 Threads
      6,799 Posts

      Tips for Changing Lighting...

      07-21-2014, 07:44 PM by redpaper

    2. Tutorials (52 Viewing)

      A place where members can submit and share tutorials that they have written themselves. DPS welcomes your submissions for this new section! Please contact Sime™ via pm...

      834 Threads
      6,267 Posts
    3. Landscape Photography (15 Viewing)

      Tips, Questions and Discussion of Landscape Photography

      1,159 Threads
      8,832 Posts
    4. Photoshop and more

      4,872 Threads
      30,645 Posts
    5. Photographing People (37 Viewing)

      Tips, Questions and Discussion on portrait photography

      2,314 Threads
      16,917 Posts
    6. Lighting (52 Viewing)

      Every aspect of lighting, on and off camera and "ghetto" lighting can be discussed in here - post examples, get help, give advice...

      2,091 Threads
      15,732 Posts
    7. Tips, Questions and Discussion on photographing the smaller things in life

      1,059 Threads
      6,560 Posts

      Twin lens reverse macro

      07-21-2014, 05:02 AM by spazoid1965

    8. 2,805 Threads
      20,078 Posts
    9. Nude Photography (4 Viewing)

      Tips, Questions and Discussion of Nude Photography **No Porn - you will be banned**

      462 Threads
      3,741 Posts

      Depth of field

      07-23-2014, 08:23 PM by sk66

    1. Digital Cameras (249 Viewing)

      Reviews, Questions and Discussion of Digital Cameras by Brand

      7,955 Threads
      59,855 Posts
    2. Software, lenses, printers, scanners etc

      6,204 Threads
      39,230 Posts
    3. Photography Gear for Sale | Please note MAKE SURE YOU'RE NOT BEING SCAMMED! (If it's too good to be true, it is!)

      1,113 Threads
      3,464 Posts

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