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How to Shoot, Edit and Share Great Photos with Your iPhone.

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Shoot, Edit and Share Great Photographs on the Camera You Always Have With You

If you have an iPhone you’re already taking one of the most important steps to getting great photos – you’re taking your camera everywhere with you.

But are you just taking opportunistic ‘snap shots’ or are you creating beautiful images?

The iPhone is currently the most commonly used camera in the world, with millions and millions of snap shots taken everyday, but only a few photographers are using the full creative potential of the camera.

That’s about to change…

We’ve partnered with one of the world’s leading mobile photographers – Misho Baranovic – to create a guide for iPhone owners to take creative control of their device.

In this eBook you’ll learn how to create photos no-one will believe were captured with an iPhone.

What You’ll Discover

Whilst the iPhone is small, this eBook is big. Within its 106 pages we break iPhone Photography down into the three main skills you’ll need for complete creative control – Shoot, Edit and Share.

As you progress through each section you’ll discover:

  • How the iPhone Camera works and how to use it to take great photos
  • How to take more control of your iPhone using Camera Replacement Apps (with a rundown of the best ones)
  • Advanced shooting techniques with the ProCamera App to gain maximum control over focusing and exposure
  • How to find compelling subjects including; with the family, on the street, in nature, while travelling and at night
  • How to develop your own editing style
  • A rundown of native iPhone editing functions
  • An overview of the best editing apps including one touch apps, filter based editing apps and professional editing apps and techniques
  • How to add text and graphic elements to your photos
  • How to share your images with family and friends through popular photo-sharing apps including Instagram
  • How to get your images ready to print
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What’s in this eBook?

This Comprehensive eBook also includes

  • Step by step guides to shooting and editing on the iPhone
  • Simple exercises you can try to help you put into practice what you’re learning
  • Interviews with some of the world’s best iPhone photographers who share their tips and secrets
  • Illustrations, screenshots and diagrams to help you visualise what you’re reading
  • A handy list of key iPhone photography resources, including blogs, competitions, photographers and apps
  • Helpful advice on the best apps to create your own iPhone photography toolkit

Beautifully designed and full of inspiring example images, screenshots, exercises and step by step instructions.

About the Author

Misho Baranovic is the ideal mentor for teaching you how to use your iPhone to take great images.

After years of working as a photographer he’s now also widely regarded as one of the world’s leading mobile photographers, having exhibited his mobile photography in Sydney and Melbourne Australia, Oakland California, New York in the US and Paola Italy.

Misho is both passionate and knowledgeable about mobile photography and is increasingly being sought after to teach on the subject around the world.

Read it on your Computer, your iPhone, your iPad and Many More Devices

We are pleased to offer iPhone Photography in two formats for your convenience.

All purchasers will be sent a link to download a zip file containing a PDF version and an ePUB version.

PDFs are readable on your computer with Adobe Reader, on iPads and iPhones with PDF reader apps like iBooks or any other PDF reading devices.

ePUBs can be read on a variety of devices including iPads and iPhones, Nook Readers, Sony Readers, Kobo Readers and many more.

This means you can take the eBook with you – on your iPhone if you’d like – and keep referring to what you’re learning when you’re out and about taking photos.


  • Is this suitable for all iPhones? – many of the tips provided in this book will work best on the iPhone 3GS and up (with the latest OS installed). iPhone 2 and 3 users may find they have limited functionality, particularly with manual shooting controls.
  • Can I read it on my iPad or other Reading Devices? – yes. Those who purchase this eBook will be sent both a PDF version and an ePUB version of the eBook. ePUB can be read on a variety of devices including iPads and iPhones (via iBooks), Nook Readers, Sony Readers, Kobo Readers and many more devices. The PDF is suitable for reading on a computer via Adobe Reader as well as many other PDF reading devices.
  • Is there a hard cover version? – Unfortunately not – we only do eBooks at this point in time.
  • Got Questions or Needing Help? – If you have any problems with the purchase or download simply contact our friendly support staff. Please include the name of the eBook you are asking for support on as well as your PayPal email address if you have made a purchase.

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