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25 Floaty Images of Lightweight Objects


Some things really do float on air. How do you capture that in an image of things which are lightweight, and make the object look delicate and airy?

Let’s see how these photographers did it:


By Kasia

Nicolas Raymond

By Nicolas Raymond


By J P

Thomas Hawk

By Thomas Hawk

Partha S. Sahana

By Partha S. Sahana

Michael Levine-Clark

By Michael Levine-Clark


By Kalvis


By RebeccaVC1


By ankakay

Karl Grenet

By Karl Grenet

Axel Naud

By Axel Naud

Pen Waggener

By Pen Waggener

Vivek Jena

By vivek jena


By Joe


By tanakawho


By Heather


By casch52

Alison Tomlin

By Alison Tomlin

Stuart Williams

By Stuart Williams


By Phil

Kailash Gyawali

By Kailash Gyawali


By 55Laney69

Alexey Kljatov

By Alexey Kljatov

Garrett Coakley

By Garrett Coakley

The World Through My Eyes

By The world through my eyes

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