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Work It Baby Work It – A Secret to Portrait Photography


There’s a lot of good advice out there on how to pose subjects for portrait photography but a Pro Photographer once shared a little tidbit that has stayed in my mind ever since and that helps me add variety to my portrait shots….

He told me to ‘Work it Baby!’

He wasn’t joking either.

I didn’t quite understand what he was getting at at first – I thought ‘Work it Baby’ was just a cliche that photographers said to their subjects in the movies to get them to ‘work the camera’ and get some different poses going.

I soon worked out what he meant though when I saw him at work on a shoot with a subject when I saw how hard HE as the photographer worked it.

When he said ‘work it baby’ he was meaning as a photographer you should keep on the move around your subject, finding new angles, shooting from different distances, placing them in different parts of your frame and taking shots both incorporating their environment (wide angle) and close up and more intimate shots.

Instead of just expecting your subject to bring variety to the shots you take it is you as the photographer that needs to be working hard to bring life to the photo.

He told me that the great thing about this approach is that as your subject sees you ‘working it’ that they often catch the vibe and it can bring a real energy to the shot from their perspective too.

Of course I’m not suggesting this is the only way to get good portraits and that you can forget all other types of technique – but it’s one way to inject a little life and energy into your shots.

So next time you’re photographing a subject you know what to do – Work it Baby!

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Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse

is the editor and founder of Digital Photography School and SnapnDeals.

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