Win One of Three Lenses From Tamron!

Win One of Three Lenses From Tamron!


Over the last few years here at dPS, we’ve run very some very popular competitions with our partners to give away, to lucky dPS readers, some of their great photographic products.

We are lucky enough to be able to do it again this week!

Tamron Lenses for Post Graphic - Cropped

For this competition, Tamron is giving away THREE prizes!

These three unique prizes are designed to help every level of photographer create BETTER pictures. Tamron is the world’s most awarded photographic lens line. Each will be won by a different dPS reader. Here’s what you could win:

  • Tamron SP 17-50 f/2.8 Di II VC – worth $599
  • Tamron 18-270 f/3.5-6.3 Di II VC PZD – worth $449
  • Tamron SP 70-300 f/4-5.6 Di VC USD – Worth $449
SP 17 50MM FTamron SP-17-50MM f/2.8 Di II VC 18270VCPZDTamron 18-270 f/3.5-6.3 Di II VC PZD 70300VCTamron SP 70-300 f/4-5.6 Di VC USD

Learn a little more about Tamron here.

How to Win

To win this competition you’ll need to:

  • Visit the above lens information pages and learn more about each lens and its core use
  • Leave a comment below and tell us why you’d like to win and HOW you would you utilize each lens. Please note: there is a limit of 1 entry per person
  • Do this in the next 14 days and on May 19, 2014, the team at Tamron will choose the best 3 answers and we will announce the winners in the following days

Deadline to enter is May 17, 2014, Midnight PDT (PST). Comments left after deadline will not be considered.

Tamron Pic  Blow

By ‘best’ – we’re looking for people who have an understanding of the lenses and how they will best suit your needs. So you’ll need to check out the product pages to put yourself in the best position to win.

There’s no need to write essay length comments to win – but we’re looking to hear what you like about the lens and how it would help your development as a photographer.

This competition is open to everyone around the world no matter where you live – but there is only one entry per person. To enter – simply leave your comment below.

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About Tamron

Disclaimer: Tamron is a paid partner of dPS.

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  • Vijay Mohan

    Having taken up photography as a serious hobby my first Dslr is a Sony a300 which came with a kit lens which I felt was inadequate and i bought a Tamron 70-300 f/4.6-6, Di Macro which has been my permanent walkabout lens. As I travel a lot and take portraits of my grand children, landscape and macro the Tamron is a very ideal lens.The lens is tacky sharp not too heavy with impressive snaps. Now I have got Nikon d7000 and am planning to go for your Tamron 18-270mm f/3.5-6.3,Di II VC PZD, which looks amazing as a ideal walkabout lens. What I like about the Tamron lenses is the new improved lens compares with some of the best and in fact the photographs taken by many people are awesome that its affordable and for many Tamaron’s lenses are as good as the top lens makers. If I win the 18-270mm it would be my permanent lens on my Nikon D7000 as its got all the features and one of the best lenses to take care of my portraiture,landscape and macro snaps.

  • Brendan Delany

    Dear Tamron,

    I have been into photography for nearly two years now, and every day I only become more immersed in it. I discovered that my passion is photography when I decided to take the first-year photography class at my high school as a junior last school year. Needless to say, I absolutely loved it. I of course registered for the second-year class for my senior year this school year, and I am even seriously considering getting a degree in photography.

    Last summer, I was given a great opportunity to go on a mission trip to serve Christ and His people in Los Brasiles, Managua, Nicaragua. I consider it the most amazing experience that I have been through, since I personally saw God working through all of us on the mission team as well as through the people that we had committed to serving. Because of that, I looked into returning this summer. Unfortunately, it looked as though I would not end up being able to finance the trip. However, by God’s grace, I was blessed to be offered a job as the mission organization’s photographer in return for the organization picking up all of my in-country expenses – all because I had a conversation with the leader of the organization during last summer’s trip about me discovering my love for photography over the school year preceding the trip. I am extremely excited about being able to serve the Lord both in the direct mission work in Los Brasiles as well as the photographic documentation of it.

    At this point, because I do not own any of my own gear and will not be bale to use to my school’s gear or my mother’s gear (both of I which I have been using these past two years), I am in the process of figuring out my gear situation and acquiring what will be necessary to do this job as best as can be done within my budget. So, I was very happy to learn about this contest, as I know that the Tamron 18-270mm f/3.5-6.3 Di II VC PZD is the perfect lens for what I will be doing over in Nicaragua and that winning it would be ideal for this reason as well as for financial reasons.

    The incredible zoom range will allow me to capture all different types of photos with a single lens, from large group shots, to portraits of just one or two people, to details of ongoing work being shot up close, to landscape shots, to shots of various kinds that need to be taken from afar, etc. This lens removes the hassle and loss of time of having to change lenses for these different situations. In addition, it allows for a smaller and lighter set of gear, which will be very beneficial to me. The impressive image stabilization of this lens will also be very helpful, as I will likely need to move very quickly and snap photos within a split second, which could mean a lot of camera shake, even with higher shutter speeds. The image stabilization also gives me the ability to in dimly lit indoor places without having to increase the ISO, and I definitely envision being in this type of environment very often, since many places only have minimal electricity if at all where I will be working. On top of all of this, the Tamron 18-270mm f/3.5-6.3 Di II VC PZD does not compromise image quality even with its nearly unbelievable zoom range, unparalleled image stabilization system, and other features, and I know that I will need to have the best image quality possible in the photos I take in Nicaragua.

    In short, the Tamron 18-270mm f/3.5-6.3 Di II VC PZD is the perfect lens for me as a budding photographer hired to photograph a missions trip in Nicaragua this summer. It has all of the features that I know I will need to take advantage of in order to be able to turn in the best results to the mission organization that hired me. Because of this, please consider my entry to be picked as a winner of this contest. I would extremely appreciate such a wonderful gift from one of the most respected lens manufacturers in the world. Thank you so much for reading!

    God bless,
    Brendan Delany

  • ganesh

    i have nikon dslr i know tamron is the best lens producer in the industry ,i have a dream to have tamron lens in my gear , i just want to shoot with tamron lens once in life time and iam basically ,professionally an artist so well inspired by nature by its own , i just want to show how good this planet earth will look through tamron lenses( i will be overwhelmed if i can get ( Tamron 18 – 270 mm F/3.5 6.3 Di II VC PZD w/DA 18 for Nikon Digital SLR Lens

  • Marques Baclig

    I am 17 years old and I don’t have too much money to spend on photography equipment. To win one of these lenses would mean so much to me, since I don’t have the money to afford a decent lens at the moment.

    Using the SP 17-50mm f/2.8 Di II VC lens, I could shoot a wide range of subjects. I could shoot landscapes at the 17mm end and portraits at the 50mm end. It being an f/2.8 lens, it would be fast enough for street photography too, at any focal length. The fast aperture and the VC would allow me to shoot at slower shutter speeds in low light or for creative motion blur in landscape images, such as water blur in waterfalls and rivers.

    With the 18-270mm f/3.5-6.3 Di VC PZD lens, I could also shoot a wide array of subjects, from landscapes to portraits to wildlife. The wide range of focal lengths allows many different types of subjects and compositions to be photographed with just one lens. The VC would be good to use with the longer focal lengths, since camera shake can be a big issue. I could use this lens as a walk-around lens since it’s basically an all-in-one lens.

    The SP 70-300mm f/4-5.6 Di VC USD lens would be a great lens for me to take photographs of wildlife and sports with. I could take pictures of the wild birds in my local area, and also other wildlife that is too hard to approach without scaring them away. I could also take this lens to my brother’s sporting events. The focal length range will help me get great photographs of my brother across the hockey rink or basketball court. The VC in this lens will help counter camera shake when the camera is moving to capture the action.

    Each of these lenses can be used for multiple different things, and based on my research, they perform exceptionally well. I am in need of a new lens for nature/wildlife photography, preferably the SP 70-300mm f/4-5.6 Di VC USD. The kit lens that came with my Nikon D3200 just isn’t enough for that kind of photography, and a lens with a 70-300mm focal length range (or 105-450 on my DX camera) would be a perfect addition to my camera bag.

  • Tim Luk

    My journey into the world of photography started with film and manual focusing. Most of your subject matter was either stills or nature because it took a little time to get the exposure right and focus in. It was what it was and it actually wasn’t bad at all – I was able to create beautiful pictures. I still own my PENTAX camera.

    My next camera was Nikon F80 – a step up from manual focusing. I was now able to capture action and anything for that matter. I owned a normal lens as well as a zoom lens and this was my complete setup that would give me the flexibility of taking a whole array of different subjects both moving and still. Photography was still an art because it was still a matter of “what” you took. After a while, things evolved to digital. My next camera was a Nikon D80. This was nice in those days because I could choose to keep and delete whatever pictures I wanted to my heart’s desire. It was a remarkable upgrade from film. I still own my NIKON cameras and lenses.

    A decade later, I now own a Canon 70D. Things are now all about megapixels and how many pictures per second you can get. Other things now include recording video and sending pictures right to your smartphone via wifi. Photography evolved to be both an art and science. Better technology made it possible to take unimaginable pictures and it gave us the capability to capture images so fast and easy – the sky was the limit. I love my CANON camera and lenses.

    Having a camera body to take pictures is vital. Having a nice lens to complement it is just as important. Just as cameras have evolved, so have camera lenses. With low dispersion glass, silent motor drive, and image stabilization, picture quality has improved remarkably.

    I have reviewed the specifications on many Tamron lenses. While I have never owned one, I believe they are technically and functionally well made, as compared to a Nikon or Canon lens. There are lots of great qualities that make up a Tamron lens and depending on what your subject is and what you plan to capture, the wide variety of different focal lengths make it suitable for any kind of photography you can think of.

    17-50 mm: As an avid photo enthusiast, the fast aperture afforded by this lens would be PERFECT for taking portraits and action shots. The great flexibility of use in low light to normal lighting, combined with VC technology in this lens would undoubtedly results in beautiful photos.

    18-270 mm: This would be an awesome lens to own as well. Whether I would need a wide angle or a fill the frame shot, this all-in-one zoom lens has the capability to capture it all. I love taking nature and wildlife shots. With its fast/quiet focusing ability, I would be able to capture more great photos.

    70-300 mm: This would be a great moderate to tele-zoom lens. It would be nice for anything a little bit further away. From far away objects to mountains and wildlife, With VC technology, distant subjects would be closer and stunningly clear.

    A Tamron lens would be a great addition to anyone’s camera bag. For the great features and value on each lens, no photographer should be without one. I would love to own a TAMRON lens.

  • ???? ???

    I don’t think i need to write a giant 18 and I use photography for living. I love this job.It fills me.So any extra gear would be helpful for me to live.

  • Y.K. Photography

    I dream to be photographer, from a very long time. Now I bought my first DSLR, but with cheap lense without many possibilities. I want to photograph everything at this time, but my real passion is wild nature.
    I dream to travel and capture the best moments of wild life: flying birds, timid antelope, small and big cats and everything else that the deep forest and the immense desert can offers me.
    The SP 70-300MM F/4-5.6 Di VC USD is the right lens for my needs. I really appreciate the auto-focus drive mechanism and the image stabilization (VC). I don’t want to make compromise with the sharpness, color and contrast and that lense is perfect for this. To be a wildlife photographer is not easy job.
    I need to trust my camera and lense to make the shot i imagine, not something else. I think a lense with XLD (Extra Low Dispersion) and LD (Low Dispersion) glass in a 17 element, 12 group formula is perfect for my needs.

    Thank you for the opportunity to have my dream come true.

  • Christos

    Well, I want that lens (Tamron SP 17-50 ) so that I can really shove it in my best friend’s face, who is also a photographer. For your convenience I could use any lens.

    Thanx in advance guys.

  • ScrumhalfII

    Tamron SP 70-300 f/4-5.6 Di VC USD. Seems to be the perfect lense to help push my photography to the next level. Next month is a very busy month of June with Motorsport with Le Mans 24 heures providing an array of photographic opportunities for a flexible well engineered zoom lense.

    Pit lane photographs, portraits, rock concerts and then of course all the track action. Yes, speed is the thing along with reliability, weight and the ability to keep going is what will win the day (oh and the night). Flexibility is the key to this event.

    Then there will be a number of Chateau to capture (nearly said on film!), before the return to the UK for the Goodwood Festival of Speed. This is then followed by my love of landscape images with a trip home to Pembrokeshire hopefully for some stunning seascape photography in glorious weather. Improvement of my imagery is always my objective, wanting to always push myself and strive for better images and photographs.

    The Tamron SP 70-300 f/4-5.6 Di VC USD. would definitely enable me to develop and push my love of photograph and result in some beautiful images for a portfolio for competition and for my enjoyment of the art of capturing images in both Colour and Black& White……….

  • John Hagen

    For Lorna and me this is a no-brainer, as we both struggle with arthritis and the associated problems with lugging a load of kit around and then holding the camera steady. We’ve had to give up our expensive & heavy bodies & lenses and now use entry-level gear. Unfortunately the quality of our images has suffered too. But these Tamron lenses would be the answer to our dream, offering a complete range from 17mm to 300mm with just 2 lenses. Better still, the quality of the optics is excellent and each lens offers vibration compensation so we could get back to the quality we seek. I’ve been a fan of Tamron lenses since the 1960’s (anyone remember Linda Cunningham, the “Tamron Girl”?) and they are always at the top of my list of favourite manufacturers. With Tamron’s pedigree, winning one of these lenses would help Lorna with her wildlife & bird photography and myself with landscapes & candid shots. We’d probably argue over the best one though, as she’d appreciate the 70-300 and I’d really benefit from the 18-270.


    Tamron SP 70-300MM F/4-5.6 Di VC USD

    I’m looking for this lens to compliment my kit lens 18-55 IS Canon. I was interested in this lens due to its image quality, and also as it is the best in the 70-300mm range, but was unable to purchase this lens due to my very small budget. I’m learning photography and will take up as a profession one day. My interest is in wildlife and nature.

    I’m in need of a longer focal length because I’m often shooting birds (as a
    small step to wildlife) where I can’t get close enough. This lens with its versatility of being a very sharp zoom lens and the reach to 300mm (on an APS-C sensor a 480mm equivalent) can satisfy my needs. Also this lens is having an f/5.6 aperture at its longer end which will help in isolating subject with nice bokeh. Low Dispersion and Extra Low Dispersion elements can discourage chromatic aberration that might occur in shooting birds which adds more value to this lens from my point of view. The excellent 4 stop advantage of Tamron’s Vibration Compensation will allow me take images of still subjects at an amazing 1/30s shutter speed which will enable me in getting sharp and bright enough images without increasing ISO, meaning I won’t be degrading Image Quality with noise . The Ultra Silent Drive motor will come in handy when taking Birdsin Flight or any sorts of action that I might come across, as I’ve heard its very fast and full time manual focus also adds in fine tuning for certain type of images as well. This lens can add up for portraits at 70mm since it is having an aperture of f/4 at its wide end creating good bokeh for portraits.
    Tamron’s lenses have always had great value for money and my another favorite lens to own is the Tamron SP 150-600mm F/5-6.3 Di VC USD which is the best versatile and sharp lens, offering great features at a relatively lower price point in comparison to other manufacturers (sadly, at present situation, I don’t have money to own one).

    I hope I’ve conveyed my reasons well and I’m praying that these reasons are good enough for me to get this lens and take me higher in reaching my goal as a photographer.

    Thank you,

    Yours faithfully and hopefully,


  • Michelle Childs

    My 13 year old daughter has always loved Photography. She began taking and editing photos with a cheap digital camera when she was about 8 years old. She received a Canon Rebel T3i for Christmas with the kit lens, 18-55mm. She has taken a couple classes at a local Camera store in Buffalo, but to truly develop she will need a lens with a broader spectrum. She is being surprised with the trip of a lifetime for her birthday this year I am taking her to Europe. We will spend 11 days touring London, Paris, Venice, and Rome. It is truly a photographers dream. The Tamron 18-270 f/3.5-6.3 Di II VC PZD would truly be a perfect lens for her development and our trip. It’s a perfect lens for traveling! I can only imagine the progression she would have with the ability to use another lens. I have been researching the Tamron lenses and will eventually purchase that lens for her if we do not win.

  • Pete Sioson

    I am a photo hobbyist and I am into landscape and animal photography. When traveling, I consume much of my time shooting than enjoying the travel. Having the 17-50 will greatly improve my landscape shots while the 70-300 will help me in bird photography and capturing hard to reach areas. And of course 18-270 is the best as walk-around lens that will focus me shooting more than consuming precious time changing lens. I am a Nikonian but what I like best in Tamron lenses is I can enjoy both the quality and the price.

  • Graham Ross

    I am just about to finish my Level 1 C& G in photography,and Tamron lens are excellent value for money.The first lens the 17-50mm is a very good all round lens,which is good in low light conditions due to having a F 2.8 aperture.This lens would also be idea as a macro lens with extension tubes.
    The 18-270 ,this is a good super zoom,which I would probably use most of the time as it has an excellent focal range.I especially like the Piezo Drive motor for faster quieter auto focus .
    And lastly is the 70-300mm lens.This is the won that I would personally like to win,this an excellent tele-photo lens ,packed with some really nice features like XLD glass,VC anti shake mechanism, internal focusing ,and very fast auto focusing,this is what you need when photographing wildlife,especially if they are active.I also like the overall size of this lens including with the hood.

  • Guest

    No coments

  • ?????? ????????????

    No Comments!!!

  • Hannah Ring

    Why would I like to win?
    Because I only have the 18-55mm kit lens and can not afford a better one

    How would I utilize each lens?
    Well, the Tamron SP 17-50 f/2.8 Di II VC is not compatible with my camera, so I can’t use that one.

    I would use the Tamron 18-270 f/3.5-6.3 Di II VC PZD for so many things. From a landscape to a bug, from the big picture to the details. I really like that the lens has such a wide range and there would be very little need to change the lens. And I wouldn’t miss so many opportunities because I was changing the lens.

    Oh, the possibilities of the Tamron SP 70-300 f/4-5.6 Di VC USD! Like the deer that ran/walked across our field this morning, or the fox kits in our neighbors woods, the elusive pileated woodpecker, or the bald eagles that have been gracing us with more appearances lately. Or, to take pictures of my brother, who says he hates having his picture taken. 😉

    Thank you for giving those of us who can not afford these a chance to win them!

  • Christine Lamberson

    I have always loved photography. I took courses in college and have long had an slr camera, film and now digital. I have firmly remained an amateur, but recently have been thinking about trying to sell enough photographs to support buying nicer equipment.

    Any of these lenses would be a great start in that direction. I take a lot of my photographs while hiking in various landscapes. The Tamron SP 17-50 f/2.8 Di II VC would really allow me to step up my landscapes. The wide angle would be perfect for sweeping mountain vistas, but the moderate zoom would give me the flexibility, which would allow me to carry only one lens and still take a variety of photos. I often go backpacking, so I have to strategically pick one lens to carry. I am especially excited about the vibration compensation, which would allow me to take sunsets and evening images without having to lug a full tripod on the hike. The extra stabilization would be very helpful in enabling me to use a makeshift tripod or a monopod and still get sharp photos.

    On the other end of the spectrum, I would absolutely love the SP 70-300MM F/4-5.6 Di VC USD. Though I have spent a lot of time taking nature photographs, I have never had the equipment necessary to take good wildlife photos. Neither I nor the wildlife has been comfortable getting close enough to get a good photograph with my kit lens, so I always end up with tiny animals or very noisy cropped photos. I recently went on a few day hikes with a friend who had a much better lens than I have and his wildlife photos in comparison to mine of the same animals made my equipment limitations even more clear. The 70-300 zoom would allow me to take great wildlife photos from a reasonable distance. Here again, the vibration compensation would be valuable, because it would allow me to take photos at both dawn and dusk, lower light times when many animals are more likely to be out.

  • Lynn Vallieres

    Thank you for such a great opportunity!
    With the 17-50mm lens I would be able to learn more about aperture settings and how to apply them in different lighting situations.
    Having the 18-270mm could easily become my ‘go to’ lens for every day photos like when I am walking the local bike path along the lake. I could photograph everything from flowers, people to the view of the lake with the framing mountains behind it at sunset.
    The 70-300 lens is the lens that I would love to work with the most. I have a 55-250mm that I have enjoyed learning to work with. I have learned how to take some really good macro shots with it that surprised me. Having the 70-300mm would open up a whole new world to explore. I am often found outside walking and happenchance upon a lot of wildlife and unfortunately despite getting some decent pictures, I seem to fall short of getting a great photograph. I’m always just short with the distance and the camera just a bit slow. With this lens being fast and clear I would be able to have my goal within my reach and learn more as I get it.

  • Jason Villaluna

    I would like to win because I want to learn more about the lenses. The lens information pages will surely give knowledge about the lenses but experience is the best source of knowledge.

  • Yaemi Matias

    Hello, after reading about all 3 lens, I visioned how each one can help me advance in my photography career. i will like to win for the simple reason that these are great lens for free (which makes them even more valuable and appreciated for) that I can use on a daily basis and enhance my skills and knowledge about photography overall and continue to create inspiring photos of daily life. I like to capture LIFE in general, I don’t have a fav subject so each lens will be useful in the sense of the variety of photos I take. Each lens have advanced technology like the LD, XR system, ZL and PZD, and the USD and XLD technology. I pinpointed these because they highlight the central use of the camera as well as the minimum apertures and the angle of view of each lens (important to me). The LD and XR on the SP 17-50mm is essential because I can still classify myself as a beginner photographer and I barely like editing so having crisp images with less sharpness and light issues is great. The ZL feature is great especially for handled shooting which is my preference, my camera is always strapped around my neck and I usually move around alot. The PZD tech is amazing for traveling photography and movement and having this feature in a lens that basically is good for everything is helpful especially for when I like to be comfortable and travel light, which is often haha. The fact that its a rectangular part of the lens that create quieter and faster focusing is key and quite mindblowing (while still learning more about lens). I love the USD tech, very smart how the use of waves, energy and vibrations are put together in 2 parts to create beautiful photos of any moving muse. XLD uses different properties than the LD and the curiosity to see how images will differ is intriguing since I like natural photos straight from the camera. Thank you.

  • Gage MuscleDog Hanson

    I’m an amateur photographer and would love the Tamron SP-17-50MM f/2.8 Di II VC. I use a Nikon D5100 and love my Tamron 28-300 Macro lens. Am really keen to learn portrait photography and need a better lens like the Tamron SP-17-50MM f/2.8 Di II VC.

  • Dale Mccormick

    i am a beginner to dslr photograghy and have just got a 2nd hand nikon d3100, i am disabled and having a single lens to take out with me is a big advantage as it would not be great to have to take several lenses with me, my cameracame with a kit 18-55mm lens and i recently saved and bought a tamron 18-200mm lens which is a great lens at a great price but i found for wildlife it just does not have the reach i need. the 18-270mm f/3.5-6.3 Di II VC PZD would let me get closer to the animals and with vibration control would help with the hand held shots, the pzd would be faster focusing that my 18-200 lens as well

  • Xeniya Balsara

    photographer specialized in all connected with people. My prime interest is so
    called underground societies – from heavily modified people to highly extremal musicians.
    Working on gigs and body modification events (tattoo conventions, filming body modifications, taking pictures of
    tattoos for Finnish Tatuointistudio HelsInk TV reality show) provides me understanding
    of high quality lenses and brings a lot of experience in low light,
    quickly changed conditions. I have a project in mind where Tamron SP-17-50MM f/2.8 Di II VC can be
    extremely useful – portraits of underground couples doing what unite them, from
    stage performances to underground suspensions. Kids and cats can be included as
    well, every couple decides for themselves what they want to show. I think about
    exhibition as outcome of the project, also several tattoo and lifestyle
    magazines are interested in the story.

  • Juli Vz

    i`m a young audiovisual comunicator, i´m colombian and my english level doesn’t is the best. I’m a wedding photographer in all cities in Colombia. i have a new canon 70D and those tamrom lenses could help me so much to catch this uniques and amorous moments.
    Tamron SP 17-50 f/2.8 Di II VC. I could apply for low-light shooting in churches where the light is low, with the lense that i have, canon 18 – 55mm 3.5 i can’t take advantage of my camera and the pictures is not so good at night.

    Tamron 18-270 f/3.5-6.3 Di II VC PZD can be an amazing travel, i can use to take pics of the landscape of the weddings. I also would use to take pictures of portraits of brides and generate good depth of field, also would use it for photos of details like rings, earrings.

    Tamron SP 70-300 f/4-5.6 Di VC USD will be used for those moments where the brides come to the church and i can’t come really close. its perfect to take pictures when you are very far from the subject but always with great ambient light.

    i love tamrom lenses, my boss always lend me your tamron lens at weddings, not only to take pictures if not also to record video, 24-70 2.8. I would love to win especially the 17-50 2.8 tamrom although I’m sure that all tamrom lenses are excellent and that would help me get better photos. sorry for my english. gracias

  • Julie B.

    I am a dilettante photographer, and i am currently using a Cannon XTi camera with the 18-55mm lens. During different trips i have missed a few shots because i do not own a good zoom lens. I would like a chance to win the Tamron SP 70-300 f/4-5.6 Di VC USD. This lens is versatile enough to allow the user to take pictures of a beautiful building in its urban or rural setting but also for that little architectural detail that nobody else took the time to notice. It can also help take picture of shy animals at the zoo hiding far from the visitors or capture the beautiful colors of flowers in the botanical garden at the top of a tree. I believe it could also be used to take pictures of my favorite sports teams or my friends running or playing soccer or ultimate.
    I appreciate the opportunity to enter the competition. Thank you.

  • Ioannis

    I’d like the lenses because you owe the bank and I can not buy new lenses.
    I photograph weddings and syntiro my family, but because I have lenses that are not of good quality photos do not correspond to what I want to do.
    I believe that the lens of the TAMRA my photo quality will be increased with the result that we can support my family.

  • Szabo Janos

    The lenses will gave them the focal range and the quality that the standard kit lens never will deliver,especially for landscape photography

  • Ioannis

    I’d like the lenses because you owe the bank and I can not buy new lenses.
    I photograph weddings and you feed my family, but because I have lenses that are not of good quality photos do not correspond to what I want to do.
    I believe that the lens of the TAMRON my photo quality will be increased with the result that we can support my family.

  • Kosta Stoenchev

    Being a student at Medical School, I was never able to justify spending precious pennies from my student loans on expensive camera equipment to pursue my passion for photography. In July, I will travel to India for charity work in a hospital and its surrounding rural areas/villages, providing basic healthcare services and education for the many in need. Upon return,my medical school runs a photography competition with prizes. I thus took the risk to invest in a Nikon D7100 with a kit lens, to pursue my love and passion for photography, to enter the photo competition and donate winning prizes toward Indian healthcare charities, and to promote awareness of significant healthcare and lifestyle challenges faced by people living in places like rural India. To pursue my passion and achieve these goals, I am striving to attain the most appropriate photography equipment for my cause, and beyond.

    Tamron SP 17-50 f/2.8 Di II VC – this lens reaches a larger aperture size than my current kit lens, which will enable me to take significantly improved photos at low light. The focal range, extra refractive index and low dispersion light, together with the advanced vibration compensation, will allow me to capture sharp and detailed images in low light conditions and in rural areas where carrying a tripod alongside medical equipment may not be possible. This lens is thus perfect for capturing photos in rural clinics often with poor lighting conditions, and I feel will allow me to clearly capture, portray and share precious emotions and moments faced by people in their lifestyle and healthcare journeys in areas such as rural India.

    Tamron 18-270MM F/3.5-6.3 Di II VC PZD – this lens is light and small, making it easy to carry on my journey in rural India and beyond. It boasts an impressive focal range and zoom capabilities, providing an impressive and universal lens with fast autofocus and vibration compensation (as carrying a tripod along all the medical equipment may not be possible). Indeed, this lens is ideal for any situation I would encounter in my medical charity work, ranging from close-range photography, portraits, landscapes and even distant subjects.

    Tamron SP 70-300MM F/4-5.6 Di VC USD – this lens provides an impressive focal range and zoom capability, which would allow me to capture aspects of the lifestyle, healthcare and nature in rural India at distances which I am otherwise unable to attain. Indeed, carrying a tripod together with the medical equipment may not be possible, allowing the vibration compensation to truly benefit my photography and allow me to maximize my opportunity.

  • Robert J. Coleman

    When I purchased my Canon T3i I went with a 18 – 55 mm kit lens knowing I would be looking at other lenses down the road. My first purchase was the Tamron 70 – 300 ƒ4 – 5.6 Di VC USD. I love this lens. It’s a solid, well built, sharp lens that suits my needs for wildlife and scenic shots.

    The Tamron SP 17 – 50 ƒ2.8 Di II VC caught my eye as a great wide to moderate telephoto lens with it’s speed and vibration compensation. I enjoy shooting architecture as well as the wildlife/scenics and I’ve been getting back into street shooting lately which is where the 17 – 50 would shine and be a great addition to my kit.

    The Tamron 18 – 270 Di II VC PZD would certainly replace the kit lens that came with my camera. It’s range would cover most of my day-to-day work and like the 17 – 50 would be a great addition.

  • ??????? ????????

    Because i am hobbyist and for me they are the best !.!.!.

  • Bartosz Szkatula

    I am a hobbyist who is just moving into a more advanced enthusiast level. My girlfriend and I are just starting to sell photos at local art shows and a few other venues. I am really interested in the 18-270MM F/3.5-6.3 Di II VC PZD lens. Most of my photographs are cityscapes, street photography, and other images of urban scenes. The all in one lens would be the perfect way to move these photos beyond the kit lens. I am particularly excited about the vibration compensation, which would allow me to take more evening photos and make use of city lights without a flash. This lens would be awesome for all my city photos!

  • Mary Mahula

    I am a hobbyist who has become more and more into photography over the past few years. Recently, I have started making my photos into greeting cards, including setting up a number of still lifes for various occasions and to go with particular sentiments. The
    18-270MM F/3.5-6.3 Di II VC PZD lens would be perfect for me. Right now, I use the kit lens, but this Tamron, would let me take higher quality photos in a wider range of conditions, including low light. My kids have been suggesting I try selling the photos and I have been considering it, but right now feel like my photos aren’t high enough technical quality. This lens would give me the equipment to put my creative vision into action with more technical proficiency. I have been hoping to create some themed sets of cards and this all-in-one lens would be ideal to get started on that project.

  • Mary Lamberson

    I’ve been working on my photography for years, but have only recently moved to a dslr. Getting a new lens beyond the kit lens is too costly at the moment. I have a brand new grandson and would love to have the 18-270MM F/3.5-6.3 Di II VC PZD lens. It’s fast speed and versatile zoom would be perfect for following the new little guy around and taking great family photos.

  • William Lamberson

    I am an avid outdoorsman. I have been spotting and watching wildlife since I was a kid growing up in rural Nebraska. Now, I travel to more exotic locations for vacation or for work, but have continued to be fascinated by animals and continue to love spotting a distant moose when canoeing In Canada. I have never had a lens powerful enough to capture the wildlife though. The SP 70-300MM F/4-5.6 Di VC USD would be great for this purpose!

  • André Bourget

    I’m not a professional
    photographer. I’m more of an outdoor enthusiasm’s who like to share the beauty
    of mother earth with everyone. That said, to go on a thirty days trip in the
    highland of Iceland, or on a day trip in my backyard, I try to travel light. So
    when it comes to gears, less is better, to go further. But for my photography,
    I can’t go back to compact camera. The flexibility of the reflex and its control
    of the light are so important. When I go out, I still carry three lens to cover
    anything from birds’ photography to landscape. The Tamron 18-270 would give me
    a range of freedom without the weight. In
    short, for me the Tamron 18-270mm is the best all-around lens, for all-around
    the world. Final.

  • Matt K

    I actually use the 18-270 as my primary walkabout lens and the 70-300 as my backup. A lot of people ask how I like them and always recommend them highly. I would like something a little faster, for dusk or dawn or during other low light conditions, and the 17-50 2.8 would be perfect!

  • David Alexander

    I’ve been interested in photography since my first birthday-present Kodak Brownie many, many years ago. Over time, I went from that to a Kodak spring-wound autoload with a plexiglass case for underwater photos, to a 35mm film camera with multiple lenses, and then to digital point & shoots. I put photos into frames for the first time in 2011 and won 3 ribbons in 2 contests – was I ever psych’ed! I figured out then ‘what I wanted to be when I grew up’ – a photographer. However, I’m a photographer trapped in the body of a computer systems administrator who’s much closer to retirement than career change. Making the best of it, in 2012 I saved up and bought a Canon 60D body and went with an 18-250mm macro zoom for an all-around carry lens. I’ve taken thousands of shots with this combo and have developed (pun intended) a better skill set. I prefer natural light shots (landscapes and macros of flowers and animals) and hope to start portrait photography soon. I would love to win the 17-50mm f/2.8 as its natural light capabilities are terrific, and I think it would be a great portrait lens. It might be just what I need to take me from an excited amateur to a semi (or better) professional. I’m hoping…

  • Tighelander

    The two SP lenses are a great tag team when you’re at work, and the super zoom is a great lens when you’re off the clock.

  • Stefan

    Am I too late? I already own the 17-50 non-VC, a superb zoom lens, and I’m in need for a decent “portrait & more” focal length one


    When are you coming to India and to which part of India ?
    Advance Happy Journey and Welcome to India ! 🙂

  • Kosta Stoenchev

    I am coming in July, will start at Kerala and travel from there. I will also probably get on the lifeline express train if there is a project at the time. Thank you so much – you are so kind! I am extremely excited to be going to India and doing some work there. Which part are you from?


    Thank you.. I kind of guessed its Kerala, since you mentioned awareness in rural villages, and hence I asked you . So where in Kerala ? 🙂
    Welcome to our God’s own Country !
    I’m from Kerala by the way.

  • badgerjb2155

    As a novice Photographer, and proud owner of the Tamron 18-270 Zoom. This is a perfect lens for the daytime sports photography I enjoy so much. I’ve planned to do some night time Cityscapes of Minneapolis. The Tamron 17-50 mm f/2.8 DI II VC would be the perfect lens for this type of shooting. with the 2.8 aperture and the vibration compensation helps improve the sharpness of the image. This would also be a good lens for shooting at indoor gatherings. I hope you’ll choose me for the 17-50 mm lens.

  • Kosta Stoenchev

    I will start at Kochi for a couple of weeks, and will then join an Impact India foundation program for some time, so location depends on the projects running at the time and their needs. It really is a dream come true for me – do you have any suggestions or advice? I have never been to India before, only have some friends here in London that are from there!

  • Sandy Werner

    I have been interested in photography my entire life( I’m 48) and have saved up on multiple occasions to get an SLR, then DSLR that I could take better pictures than with my point and shoot. Unfortunately, because of financial challenges I have used my camera savings for one crisis or another that kept me from getting the camera I wanted. Finally, this past Christmas, I received a D3200 Nikon as a gift that has a kit lens that serves me well but is lacking in ability. After much research, I’ve come to the realization that the”glass” can turn my gift into so much more than I can imagine. Tamron lenses are the talk of all blogs and youtube videos and photography articles and I would be blessed to get the gift of a prized lens, whatever size. My favorite is the 17-50 mm. Thank you for the opportunity to enter your contest.

  • patrick

    is there a problem with the autofocus in the tamron 70 300 vc lens as my lens has broke i have been told there is

  • Anmol Gautam

    Hi Kosta, I myself stay in Delhi but if you are coming here and need any information or help do let me know inbox me on Facebook. Have a safe journey and welcome .

  • Kosta Stoenchev

    Hi Anmol! Thank you so much for your kind offer, I will certainly drop you a message in the next few weeks if you don’t mind! After the comments from you and Avinash, I already feel very welcome and am much more excited for my trip! Thank you so much!

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