What is the Oldest Piece of Camera Gear that you still Use Today?

What is the Oldest Piece of Camera Gear that you still Use Today?

Kodak Brownie Starlet - by Silvio Tanaka

What is the oldest piece of camera gear that you still use today?

Every time we update our popular digital cameras and photography gear page we get a fascinating look at what dPS readers are currently buying in terms of gear – but I always wonder what about that gear that people have had for a while but are still using?

I think back to my trusty old 50mm f/1.8 lens that was the first lens that I bought for my first Canon DSLR.

While I’ve actually updated this lens (I now have the f/1.4 also) I still actually use the older f/1.8 lens semi-regularly, mainly because it’s so light and cheap – I don’t mind taking a bit of a beating when I’m out and about (not that I intentionally bang it around).

What about you – do you have a camera, lens, bag or accessory that you’ve had for ages that you just keep using? It might not be a kodak brownie – but it might make an interesting discussion share yours below.

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