Weekly Photography Challenge – Square


Shapes are everywhere, have a look around you. Do you see any squares like these images I shared previously?

Uqbar Is Back

By Uqbar is back

Weekly Photography Challenge – Square

There are many ways you could choose to approach this week’s challenge. You could take it literally and photograph:

  • Things which are square shaped
  • Images cropped into a square format
  • Patterns that include squares

Or you could take it a bit more off-beat and go for:

  • Squares as in city parks or plazas, and things that take place there
  • A person or thing which is a bit odd as in the old hippy phrase “He’s a square”
  • Something that happens directly, or shooting square on to the subject
Philippa Willitts

By Philippa Willitts

Tom Waterhouse

By Tom Waterhouse

Uwe Potthoff

By Uwe Potthoff

Eivind Barstad Waaler

By Eivind Barstad Waaler

Gianmaria Zanotti

By Gianmaria Zanotti

Steve Bailey

By Steve Bailey

Share your images below:

Simply upload your shot into the comment field (look for the little camera icon in the Disqus comments section) and they’ll get embedded for us all to see or if you’d prefer upload them to your favourite photo sharing site and leave the link to them. Show me your best images in this week’s challenge. Sometimes it takes a while for an image to appear so be patient and try not to post the same image twice.

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  • Amanda Richardson

    Leaf squared

  • Akima

    (Almost) a square photo

  • Tina Tudori?-Ghemo

    Hofbraeuhaus Munich Steel rack with lockers for up to 424 stoneware and glass mugs.

  • Tina Tudori?-Ghemo

    Washing day

  • Scott Feldman

    John Quincy Adams Title in the US Capital floor.

  • Higbe33

    My town.

  • Square block of hay

  • Reggie Dunlop

    Off the beaten track

  • Douglas Thayer

    A calculated risk ……

  • Wendy Allen

    This is the repeating patterns of the big Ngatamariki Geothermal Power station, Taupo New Zealand.The metal pipes create a frame for the back square metal work. 🙂

  • AlanW

    291 steps

  • Mary Lee Dereske

    One way to pass the time in the Denver International Airport! maryleephoto.com

  • Celine RC

    Square away

  • Truth_Hz

    The Eiffel Tower from below..

  • Truth_Hz

    The underside of the Eiffel Tower from the direct centre.

  • Jodyque

    The barn door, from the inside looking out.

  • Jodyque

    The barn door, from the inside looking out

  • Eugene Shuler

    Square on Squares on a Square

  • Nick Tringali

    Squares surrounded by a surprising reflection and a self-portrait

  • Gloria

    Glass squares

  • Amal Ward

    Taken at Longwood Gardens this week.

  • Marie-Louise Smith

    I struggle to do an image upload. The size is 1,44 Kbyte

  • Bente Nordhagen

    Squares_February sun

  • Bente Nordhagen

    Squares_Reflecting the February sun

  • Bente Nordhagen

    Squares_Reflecting the February sun

  • Mr Wiski

    Square city

  • Mr Wiski

    square city

  • Steven Hodges

    You’re So Square

  • Steven Hodges

    Car music controls

  • Steven Hodges

    Laptop Keyboard

  • Steven Hodges

    I took this with my phone. I thought the reflections of the lights in the window looked like little flying saucers.

  • Jodyque

    The barn door, from the inside looking out.

  • Sarah Demuth

    I spend a lot of time watch volleyball nets, and I fell in love with this giant flag in Montogmery.

  • Sarah Demuth


  • Alienor Llona

    Square collonade in Lausanne Switzerland by the architect Pierre Bonnard

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