Facebook Pixel Weekly Photography Challenge - Song

Weekly Photography Challenge – Song

Well, ‘Photos based on a song or album cover’ was what Susan suggested, So you can go with either.

Share your photograph in the comments section under this post, or on our Facebook group.

How will you depict ‘Photos based on a song or album cover’ Maybe setup a scene to mimic the cover of your favourite album, maybe it could be one of those mildly amusing self portraits where you hold the album cover in front of your face (Many super cheap album covers to be had in op shops!) you’ll need to get creative for this one, which is the aim of these photography challenges… Let’s see what you’ve got!

I always thought this should be an album cover. A photo of mine of Public Enemy – Just an example, you could do a self portrait JUST like this if you have a big enough clock!

A photograph of a rapper from Public Enemy

Remember! Only one photograph for these challenges, and you are best to take it specifically for the challenge, sharpen those skills!

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