Weekly Photography Challenge – Lens Flare


Earlier I shared a set of images using lens flare as an element of the photograph. In most cases you want to avoid the sun hitting the lens, but sometimes it can be used to your benefit to create an image with warmth and depth.

So now is your chance.

The weekly challenge this week is lens flare!

Need some help? Here are a few articles to give you some lens flare tips:

Here are a few more lens flare images to get you started:

By Sean Molin

By Brian Wolfe

By Frank Wuestefeld

By Seth Rader

By János Csongor Kerekes

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  • Hi, this is not the edited version, I would like to know if its ok or not.
    I photograph this photo on the road with natural color.

  • Dlync

    Stunning image, well done!

  • john zamorano

    Happy Father’s Day!! Thanks for this article and here’s my shot at lens flare…

  • Awesome sauce

    This rocks! I love it!

  • Jan Curry Fortier

    I wasn’t even aware I’d caught this flare until about 10 minutes ago when I was going through the folder looking for a different shot. So I tweaked the exposure on the shoreline and bumped up the colour just a smidge. It’s the village of Donaghadee, Northern Ireland as viewed from the harbour.

  • Charlene

    Stunning photo!!!

  • Charlene

    This is an amazing photo!!! Thanks for sharing …it gives me a really good idea for future shots!

  • Calvison Maynard

    thank you @disqus_nitSszyLeE:disqus

  • Arnie

    Taken a few years back. A bit underexposed?

  • mcl

    agreed- has very eerie feeling of the supernatural or early morning milking time

  • mcl

    like muchly– has sense of cool morning and exploration– magical forest moment

  • adriana

    I am still learning, what do you guys think of this photo?

  • Guest

    What do you guys think of this photo? I am still learning….just started in photography.

  • Guest

    Sorry, here is the photo!

  • Dara Brood

    Abandoned horse farm

  • Dara Brood

    alittle moon flare caught just playing one evening

  • rengesh

    Here is a shot I took during sunset in a Michigan Park

  • Christine Lewis

    What I meant by “photo edited” was I wondered if the pool ladder was edited in separately. But it’s really there in real life! That’s just so cool! Makes me want to go there and experience it. Lovely photo!

  • Thanks a lot. If one day you plan to come t Nice, the picture was taken here; https://goo.gl/maps/617AS

  • My idea was to get a light flare in complementary colours to the yellow flowers.

  • It was me who posted this picture. Still problems with posting here. Hope I will learn soon 🙂

  • Guest

    Japanese cut maple in Princeton, during the day, but the canopy of the tree provides shelter from bright sunlight. (brfphoto.tumblr.com)

  • Japanese cut maple in Princeton. The canopy of the leaves provided shelter from direct sunlight.

  • Guest

    Taken on an evening shoot with my camera club…………. Burnham on Sea “Old Lighthouse”

  • Guest

    An evening shoot with my camera club at the “Old Lighthouse” Burnham on Sea

  • Pete Watson

    An evening shoot with my camera club at the “Old Lighthouse” Burnham on Sea

  • http://jibubo.vsco.co/media/53521ee1716708513f0000fe

    Sorry to post a little late, I’ve just found the site 🙂

    Here’s one I took at sunrise…

  • Ruben Davidson

    Was winding up the day with my daughter at our local park and saw these kids with their kite. I’m still very much a newbie with my camera, but I take it with me pretty much everywhere to capture moments like this.

  • Guest

    Here is my contribution, shot at the Lonestar concert at the Wildflower Music Festival.

    Canon EOS REBEL T3i
    EF-S18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II
    18.0 mm

  • Guest

    Backstage at the Lonestar concert at Wildflower Music Fest


  • Guest

    Here is my contribution from backstage at the Lonestar concert at Wildflower Music Fest.

  • Backstage at Wildflower Music Fest

  • Matt Sprout

    Weeds are beautiful too…said no gardener ever.

  • Akos Karsay

    On the balcony…

  • Nalanti Goosen

    Sun flare early in the morning. The mist already started to lift which is what I actually wanted to capture instead I got this image

  • mrsjpvan2

    Thanks, Tany!

  • Christine Spangler Clark

    Shot taken at Curt Gowdy State Park in Wyoming, July 2013

  • Leslie Hislop

    Flight over Miami

  • Julie Williams

    Taken in the woods near my home

  • Sleepyvill Black Book Lens

    The Whistling Psychopath…

  • Declan McLaughlin

    Shot this Sunday morning just before sunrise on Pensacola Beach

  • jessi


    sunset by the sea with flare
    This is my first try entering a photography competition, I hope you’ll like it. Critique is well accepted as I’m new to this.

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