Facebook Pixel Weekly Photography Challenge – Fall

Weekly Photography Challenge – Fall

It’s not ‘Fall’ where I am right now (dPS are out here in Australia, Melbourne to be precise) so where we are it’s Spring and when it IS ‘Fall’ we call it Autumn…. THat’s your ‘other side of the world’ lesson for the day – Ha! …but we know that many of you are on the other side of the world and that you’re all sad that it’s not summer anymore (or are you?! I was talking to friends in California yesterday, it was 111! No thanks)

Use the hashtag when you post #dPSWeeklyChallenge & #dPSFall22

Fall… When I think of fall I think of falling leaves, oranges, yellows, browns, that kind of thing. What do you think of? (I asked my kids, they muttered something about falling off bikes or trampolines, let’s not do that…)

9 Tips for Gorgeous Fall Photos(See, ya can’t say I don’t give you anything! — Simon)

I’ve included a couple of inspirational photos below, but had to source them from Unsplash (because, as I said, it’s Spring here! Yay)

Remember, the point of these weekly challenges (we had a break last week, so it’s time for a refresher!) is to sharpen your skills, be a part of our community and learn or teach someone something about photography, so head out and make a new photograph, share just your best result either in the comments below or over in our Facebook group (not a member, join, it’s free)

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