Facebook Pixel Weekly Photography Challenge – Blurry Background

Weekly Photography Challenge – Blurry Background

Welcome to this week’s photography challenge! The aim is to get you to try photographing new things every week, to maybe try photographing things you’ve not tried before, or to get you thinking in a different way to maybe create a different image if you have photographed the theme before.

Be inspired by the photos that others post, try recreate them for yourselves. You can contribute a photograph directly into the comments of this post (Scroll all the way down for the comments section) or you can share them in our Facebook group.

This week’s Theme is Blurry Background what will you do for your photograph?

Via: How to achieve Background Blur or Bokeh [click]

You can call it Bokeh or Blurry Background (Though Bokeh is the aesthetic quality of the blur produced in out-of-focus parts of an image.) but this week we want to see your background blur!

Unsure what we mean? Here are some great examples…

Remember to tag us in your photos if you post them on social media!

Closer you get, more chance of background blur you have – Yoda* (*not really) [click]

Good luck with your photograph and most of all have fun!

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