Facebook Pixel Weekly Photo Challenge: Just Add Light

Weekly Photo Challenge: Just Add Light

I have been thinking about light a lot recently, adding light to images by using lots of different sources, flash, led panels, torches, bedside lamps etc, but I have to level with you, while I love experimenting with light, I’m not a master of ‘all of the settings’ and I mess up often – and that’s ok, we learn.

We thought it might be a fun idea to do another “more than one image” challenge to see what adding light, however you like, can lift an image.

Share your photo on social media and tag them #dPSWeeklyChallenge and #dPSJustAddLight

So today when I went with my 11yo and my camerabag to an often empty walking path nearby to take a couple of photographs of him hitting his Jigsaw Jump, the goal being to light him and get a dramatic photo in the spot I’d chosen, shaded by trees, almost like a tunnel of darker trees… All was well until I realised I’d forgotten my glasses and couldn’t find all the settings I needed on these new flashes, anyway! Onward!

The idea is that you have a photograph you take, and then you take it again but add a lightsource of some kind to change the image for better or for worse, and when you share them, you share the images together. You can use any lightsource, I’ve used a flash in the photo below.

Seb fighting against gravity

And in this photo of my grinder I used a torch and a small Aputure LED panel with a piece of red paper as my background.

Grinds You Down

You can either join two images into one image, or you can post two separately, whatever you would prefer! You can post in the comments below, or over in our private Facebook group.

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