Facebook Pixel Weekly Photo Challenge – Bricks

Weekly Photo Challenge – Bricks

A perfectly simple theme! Bricks! Shapes and Angles, (no, not angles!) and SHadow and Light make bricks so much fun to shoot. They make for great backdrops, too… As you’ll see below, a self-portrait by me and my mates Kev and Petey. (Yes, we thought we were funny) Thanks to Kate for this week’s theme!

Three men standing and sitting on the ground in front of a brick wall beside a no standing sign
‘No Standing’

Bricks can be found all over the world, in fact I even have a 1956 Melbourne Olympics commemorative brick somewhere (That’s a long story, but I found it 30 meters underground!) Anyways, lets have at it – show me your BRICK photograph!

Remember, a single NEW photo per challenge – no excuses for not being able to find a brick or two to photograph!

Brick wall with the shadow of a person walking by
“Followed by your shadow”

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Bricks
“Hose down”

Maybe, like my photo above, the bricks aren’t the main subject or even in focus, maybe they just add a little texture! Yes, this is my mum spraying my kids with the hose – they asked for it! Where does the time go…

Speaking of, It’s my oldest child’s 13th birthday tomorrow, so I shall see you all next week!


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