Facebook Pixel Weekly Photo Challenge – 2021 Goals

Weekly Photo Challenge – 2021 Goals

Last week we all shared our ‘Best of 2020’ and this week, for something completely different, we want you to reflect on 2020 and your photography (try to forget everything else for a minute!) and think about what you’d like to do with your photography in 2021, and, rather than share an image, just let us know what you’d like 2021 to look like for your photography?

  • Maybe you want a new camera?
  • Maybe it’s time for that new lens you’ve been thinking about?
  • Perhaps you’re thinking it’s time to ‘go pro
  • Maybe you’re going to put the camera away for a while?
  • Could it be time to try a different genre?

I’ll start! I’ve been photographing food for a little while now, and this year I’m going to focus on portraiture and learning all I can about portrait lighting and photography!

Weekly Photo Challenge – 2021 Goals

If you’ve already started heading towards your goal, feel free to include a photograph of the journey! We’ll be back to our regular weekly challenge next week.

As ever, comment in the comment’s section below, include a photo as per above, but mostly just tell us what you hope to achieve with your 2021 photography.

Happy New Year everyone, from all of us here at dPS.


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