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Wedding Details for Beginners

A few weeks ago I wrote about the ins and outs to capture gorgeous wedding details shots of rings and jewellery. We discussed the elements of clarity, depth of field, environment and background, light, and composition and how each can influence the success of a detail shot.


When it comes to the other details – the dress, the shoes, the flowers – those factors are all still true. However there are a few others to consider as well:

Doorways, Windows, and Dresses

There is nothing more perfect than a doorway for the creation of a dress shot. You can typically hang the dress from the lip of the doorway, allowing the train to fall gently and create dimension from the light. The best part about doorways for these kind of shots is that you can use the light from either the inside or the outside, completely changing the feel of each shot.





Doorways and Shoes

Best kept secret about using doorways for detail shots: use doorway light for creating shoe shots. The light is more direct, and spread out further than what you get from a window. This gives you a little bit larger of a space to create with.


Window Light and Flowers

The light from a window can create the most stunning soft and subdued images – and this is no secret in the wedding industry. One of my favorite reasons for using a window is the fact that you can use the window for composition, and you often have curtains or shades to control the specific amount of light that you want to use.



Chairs and Beds

Yes, there is a chance that chairs and beds are slightly overused in wedding detail pictures. But truth be told its for good reason. Beds and chairs provide excellent texture and a simplicity for backgrounds. Change your angles and perspectives to create a more unique shot.




Who said that the dress shot needs to always be hanging? It may take more time, but I do love the shots that I was detailed enough to create a dress photo using a settee or couch. You have complete control over how you arrange the material, forming luscious folds and texture.


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Christina N Dickson
Christina N Dickson

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