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Waterfall Photography Video Tips

To help you out with this week’s photography challenge of waterfalls, I found a few video tutorials to walk you through how to photograph a waterfall. I also shared a collection of stunning waterfall images to get you inspired, if you missed it you can see those here. This first video shows you the two choices you have when photographing a waterfall. You can either freeze or blur the water. Watch as he walks you through the camera settings for both options.

In this quick tip Tony Northrup goes over such tips as using a sturdy tripod, using shutter priority mode, and using a Neutral Density filter to block some of the light so you can get longer exposures, and finding a unique camera angle. In this last video the photographer goes over step by step how to get that nice milky looking water. He talks about using a Polarizing filter, a tripod, and back button focus to help you get everything else in the photo nice and sharp. I hope those help you get a handle on some of the technical aspects of waterfall photography. Now get out there and get shooting for this week’s challenge!

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