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Walking in a Winter Wonderland – 30 Images of Winter Photography to Motivate You

If you live in the norther hemisphere like I do you may have been buried by the white stuff already. Here in Alberta we’ve had almost as much snow in the last 30 days as we did all last winter, and it’s still coming! Yesterday Mother Nature decided to play games with us and rain, giving us skating ponds for roads and sidewalks. Thanks!!

But, this season can also make for some stunning winter scenes, if you can motivate yourself to get out of your nice warm house and go do some photography. The light is great this time of year because of the low angle on the horizon, so take advantage of it! Get up early and photograph the hoarfrost, if it occurs in your neck of the woods, it makes for breathtaking images that make our southern counterparts want to come visit!

For you southern hemisphere dwellers, enjoy these image, and do come visit us up north any time you have a desire to photograph in the snow!

Here’s a few articles on winter photography to help you get started:

Image: By Luigi Torreggiani

By Luigi Torreggiani

Image: By Tom Gill

By Tom Gill

Image: By Dawn Ellner

By Dawn Ellner

Image: By Trey Ratcliff

By Trey Ratcliff

Image: By blmiers2

By blmiers2

Image: By 8#X

By 8#X

Image: By Keith Williams

By Keith Williams

Image: By Bert Kaufmann

By Bert Kaufmann



Image: By Eyesplash – Winter is coming along with Santa

By Eyesplash – Winter is coming along with Santa

Image: By martinak15

By martinak15

Image: By Alexey Kljatov

By Alexey Kljatov

Image: By martinak15

By martinak15

Image: By carfull…Cowboy State-r

By carfull…Cowboy State-r

Image: By Marilylle Soveran

By Marilylle Soveran

Image: By contemplative imaging

By contemplative imaging

Image: By chrmoe

By chrmoe

Image: By Ryk Van Toronto

By Ryk Van Toronto

Image: By carfull…Cowboy State-r

By carfull…Cowboy State-r

Image: By Martin Liebermann

By Martin Liebermann

Image: By Tatiana Gerus

By Tatiana Gerus

Image: By Bas Bloemsaat

By Bas Bloemsaat

Image: By Scott Law

By Scott Law

Image: By fotosutra

By fotosutra

Image: By Doug Brown

By Doug Brown

Image: By Denis Messié

By Denis Messié

Image: By Ingo Meironke

By Ingo Meironke

Image: By glasseyes view

By glasseyes view

Image: By Zach Dischner

By Zach Dischner

Image: By Pascal

By Pascal


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