Facebook Pixel Video Tips for Better Food Photography

Video Tips for Better Food Photography

Food photography has become more and more popular. In fact, many restaurants complain that their patrons don’t eat the food before it starts to get cold because they’re too busy taking photos of it for Instagram and Facebook.

Whatever you’re eating, and wherever you’re sharing your food photos – here are some tips to help you take better, more appetizing food shots.

#1 – Lighting tips with Andrew Scrivani

In this video, you will get some really good tips for creating good lighting for food photography. Then see how he applies it in an example photo shoot.

#2 – 5 tips for better food photography composition

Composition is just as important in food photography as lighting. In this video, see 5 different ways to do food composition. Notice his first tip is to use a tripod!

#3 – Tips from a food blogger

Food blogger and author, Izy, has some really practical tips you can use for your food photography in this short video.

Learn about:

  • Light: Using natural light for food and diffusion
  • Camera angles: Which are the best for food
  • Styling: Tips for props and how to make the photo interesting
  • Camera settings: What are the optimal settings for food and why
  • Editing: Why you want to shoot raw file format

Give those a try when you’re doing your next food photography shoot.

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