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Vanguard Vojo 25 Camera Bag Review

Vanguard Vojo 25 camera bag review

Earlier this year I bought a couple of mirrorless cameras. The camera bodies and lenses are smaller than those of my digital SLR system, so I also needed a new, smaller, camera bag to put them in. The one I chose is the Vanguard Vojo 25. I’m really happy with the purchase so I thought I’d share my experience for those of you in the market for a similar bag.

Why I like this camera bag

It’s light

Shoulder bags soon weigh down on your shoulder no matter how well they are designed. If the bag is heavier than it should be, then that adds to the weight of your gear, and reduces the time you can comfortably use the bag. I learned this the hard way when I bought a Retrospective 10 shoulder bag for my dSLR. The bag is too heavy and, to be honest, I hate it. The Vojo 25 is much better.

The Vojo 25 weights 920 grams (a little over two pounds).

Vanguard Vojo 25 camera bag review

The padded shoulder strap eases the weight of the bag on your shoulder.

The design is well thought out

This bag is really cleverly made. The shoulder strap is padded, so it doesn’t cut into your shoulder (something that should be standard on all shoulder bags). The flap that covers the bag is secured by both velcro and clips. There’s a zip in the top of the bag that you can leave undone for quick access to your gear, or keep closed for protection and security.

Vanguard Vojo 25 camera bag review

A zip in the top of the bag provides quick access to your gear.

The padded insert is removable

The insert that holds your gear is attached to the inside of the bag using velcro. It’s designed to be easy to remove so that you can use the bag for something other than holding your cameras. If you pull the straps on the side (the ones with the clips holding the flap in place) the bag is squeezed closed so it looks more like a satchel than a camera bag. The green version of the bag doesn’t look much like a camera bag, and does excellent double duty as a casual bag when required.

Vanguard Vojo 25 camera bag review

The removeable padded insert. You can zip it shut, making it ideal for storing your gear elsewhere while you are using the bag for something else, or even putting into another bag.

Vanguard Vojo 25 camera bag review

The side buckle that holds the bag’s flap shut.

Vanguard Vojo 25 camera bag review

If you take out the removeable insert and pull the side buckles tight the bag compresses into a satchel type bag, ideal for casual use.

It has a waterproof cover

Very important for those times when you’re caught out in a surprise rain shower. The cover protects both your bag and your equipment from the elements.

There’s space for a tablet or a kindle

The camera bag has a padded slot at the side that’s large enough for an iPad, or any tablet or kindle device the same size, or smaller.

There are several Vojo bags to choose from

If the Vojo 25 is too big or too small for you, there are several others in the range to choose from. The Vojo 28 is larger, and the Vojo 22 is smaller. The Vojo 13, Vojo 10 and Vojo 8 are much smaller, but even these mini versions come with a raincover and may be of interest if you just have one small camera to carry around.

Vanguard Vojo 25 camera bag review

The Vanguard Vojo 25 camera bag with a digital SLR, spare lens and iPad.


The Vojo 25 can comfortably carry two mirrorless camera bodies with small to medium size lenses attached in the removable insert, a single mirrorless body and lens plus an extra lens or two, or a digital SLR with a small lens attached plus a second lens.

The removable insert isn’t quite as big as the bag, leaving a gap at the side. That space is for the raincover plus any additional accessories you want to keep there.

Vanguard Vojo 25 camera bag review

The Vanguard Vojo 25 camera bag with two mirrorless cameras and iPad. The raincover is visible in the gap on the left-hand side.

There’s also another padded slot at the front (ideal for a mobile phone), a small zipped compartment at the front (very tight, intended for small items such as lens cleaning cloths or lens caps) plus another small zipped compartment in the flap (again, suitable for small items like lens cloths and lens caps).


After two months of use I have to say I’m very happy with this camera bag and happily recommend it. I use it most of the day with a lightweight setup (one or two mirrorless bodies, a lens or two, plus a small water bottle). It’s ideal for photographers using mirrorless bodies or a single dSLR with small lenses (look at the Vojo 28 if you need more space). It’s a well-made bag that does exactly what it’s supposed to – protect my gear while simultaneously providing easy access.

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