Facebook Pixel Using a Video Slideshow to Showcase Your Photography

Using a Video Slideshow to Showcase Your Photography

This is a guest contribution by Alison Dias-Laverty

Take your Photos and Videos to the Next Level: Create a Video Slideshow

One of the most memorable photos I have taken was on the highlands of Scotland. It is one of the most beautiful and breathtaking views and experience that changed my life.

Yet as many times that I have tried to capture my feelings and emotions of being in that present moment of magnificence, I could never rekindle those same feelings in all my still photos. Technology is truly exciting for the creative. You can now use your photos and video clips, mix them to music to create a video slideshow.

What is a Video Slideshow?

It is not just about displaying your photos to music. It is about giving your audience an unforgettable experience through your photos and videos. There is an art to creating stunning slideshows and it is in the story from your images.

Five Great Tips to Help you Start Your Video Slideshow

1. Know your Audience

Your photos must connect and speak to your audience. Your story needs to touch their hearts for the right reason. Whether it is to bring joy or make a strong statement about life. Knowing your audience will make it easier to connect to them.

2. Your Message

Why did you take that photo? Was it to embrace the moment, in the hope it would last forever? Therefore, your message must create that awareness of what you want to share. Even a simple text that connects your photo to your audience will give them cue to your message.

3. Tell a Story

Everyone loves a story and when you show your photos, let the beauty of your photos speak out loud. Photos speak louder than words and in many ways, can take your breath away and touch someoneís heart.

4. Choose Appropriate Music

I cannot stress the importance of choosing music to create the mood, because it will carry your slideshow to its climax. Music can evoke feelings and emotions that will take your audience on a journey through your lens. If your music in your video is used for anything other than private use, depending on which country you come from, there are Music Copyright Laws that you need to follow. YouTube has a list of Royalty Free Music to use for free as well as a couple more options – Free Play Music and Incompetech.

5. Take your Audience on an Emotional Journey

What you want your audience to feel is the ìWow Factorî. You can create that dramatic effect with your photos to amaze your audience, by using motion effects and transitions, synchronized to your chosen music.


Creating a Video Slideshow is a great way to showcase your photography portfolio. You can create a short introduction video clip to connect with your audience or display a showcase of your best works. All it takes is a little practice and creativity to amaze your audience with your stunning photos.

Resources for creating your own slideshow:

Alison Dias-Laverty is a Video Slideshow Designer and the founder of Photoshow on DVD, based in Brisbane, Australia. Her love for music is expressed in every video slideshow created and bound with the essence of her passion for taking photos. Visit her YouTube Channel to see more videos.

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