Using Filters In-Camera Instead of Photoshop


This is another episode of Adorama TV, hosted by Daniel Norton. In this video he goes over several different filters you might use in camera, and the advantage or difference of filtering in-camera versus doing it later in post-production.

Using filters in-camera

Some of the filters mentioned in the video are:

See if you pick up any tips or ideas from this video.

What is your favorite filter? Do you use them or do it later in Lightroom or Photoshop?

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  • MegaTitaniumMan

    Finally a tutorial that doesn’t do everything in Photoshop! With todays cameras its obviously intimidating trying to use all the things your camera can do but those who fail to try have failed indeed. I seem to be one of the few who use “all camera” to get my shots. I have most of the equipment used in this tutorial and get fantastic results.

    I built my own PC and I think I did a pretty nice job, its fast, has tonns of storage and is capable of running all the newest games. I love my computer and with it find an endless amount of information to make my photography better. Thing is I also enjoy getting out and actually using my camera rather than spending days in front of photoshop enhancing what took me 20 min to shoot. Sure someone could photoshop a dragon fighting an F18 Hornet and it could look quite realistic, but that for me is accomplished just as well with an airbrush on the hood of a car. Everyone finds what they like and what works best for them, so this is just a peek into my world, and weather its right or wrong, its my way of doing things. Getting my shots using “all camera” is a fascinating and rewarding hobby for me and hopefully it will enable me to go professional doing one of the things in life I enjoy most. Thanks for reading and comment freely.

  • BobbyG

    I fell the same way. I have been ridiculed for saying I get it in camera because the “camera” processes every pic. I only two weeks ago took my first photoshop class and downloaded photoshop to my laptop just so I can process my grandsons wedding I will be shooting soon. I was using canons download software to print my pics for years. I feel the art of a good photograph lies with the photographer,their choice of gear and their composition. I’m old school I guess.
    Bobby G

  • theresa951

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  • NiagaraTim

    mis-leading title.. thought you were talking about the ones INSIDE the camera, not the ones outside affixed to lenses with lee’s or cokin’s jeez

  • denise870

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  • Rob Bixby

    I seriously agree with the polarizer, and ND filters, but, the other “special effects” filters really aren’t practical in the digital age. I think getting the image as close to my view of the final outcome, in camera, is critical. However, the time of buying filters you won’t use often, carrying them, using them, is in the past. Like the masters of the past, I’ll get as close as I can in the field, then create the image my mind saw, in the darkroom, or in today’s world, Lightroom.

  • Blake Lewis

    Sorry, but people who brag about getting it ‘in camera’ are either so far behind the times, or full of themselves. Getting it right ‘in camera’ simply means you are losing out on a whole series of ways to manipulate your photo, and thinking you’re above those that make use of all the tools of the trade is just arrogance. Imagine a person in a carpentry that says only ‘true carpenters’ use a wooden hammer and chisel to carve everything, when another makes beautiful pieces with electrical gear?

    Pure arrogance.

  • Bob Bevan Smith

    There is nothing arrogant about expressing a personal view as the first two posts above have done. There is also nothing wrong with being satisfied with WYSIWYG (alias: In-camera) if that is what you personally like. There was no suggestion that those photographers in any way disparaged those who use Photoshop. What is arrogant is deriding those who hold such views, or deriding those who use Post Processing, or whatever else takes their fancy. I personally try to keep my post-processing to a minimum, as I strive to achieve the best results at the time of exposure. But I don’t criticise those who create visual art via the medium of photography and software.
    Let’s keep the comments to positive critiques please.

  • Tammy
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