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Unlock the Secrets to Composition and Light

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Day 2 of dPS Holiday Deals brings this amazing Composition and Light course combo deal from Photography Concentrate.

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Imagine having a special moment – with your loved ones, friends, or by yourself. A romantic spot, a fun trip, your kid’s first steps, or something else that made you want to pull out your camera, snap and share.  

Unfortunately, what happens next is pretty common … the photo you took is a dull, disappointing record of a great moment or a great place. You wanted to capture that excitement, warm fuzzy feeling or impressive view. But all you got is a lifeless shot. 

Enter composition and light!

Composition Courselight skills course

Understanding composition is the fastest and most lasting way to create amazing images.

People tend to view images in predictable ways.  And once you discover these patterns, you can use them to your advantage. Hacking the way people view photos enables you to create photos that communicate your message – an idea, a memory, a feeling – and look amazing too! 

With Photography Concentrate’s unique 8-step process you’ll be able to put everything you’ll learn about composition and light into action. You won’t be left wondering what’s next. You’ll have a simple step-by-step approach that will let you make great decisions, and create great photos.

This bundle of two practical courses and field guides will help you achieve stunning photos by making advanced composition and light concepts accessible & easy to use. 

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