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Two Videos on How to Take Care of Your Camera Gear

This week I found two different videos on how to take good care of your camera gear from two different perspectives (serious and more tongue in cheek). It’s important to take care of your equipment to make sure it keeps functioning properly and takes nice clean images with no dust spots.

The first video by photographer Gregory Cazillo is the serious one. He goes through a list of a few things you can do to protect, clean and maintain your gear in good condition.

He recommends jotting down all your serial numbers so when you are are travelling out of the country you don’t have any issues with customs coming back home. I suggest taking it one step further and actually register your gear with customs before you leave. Most airports have a customs area, just take your equipment in there and get a customs registration card from them. Make sure to arrive early to have time to do that.

The second video is from DigitalRevTV (The most subscribed and viewed photography show on the interweb, presented by an asian dude with British accent – as they describe on their YouTube channel) and guest host Ultrasonic Dragon 88 (aka Ian Wong). Obviously this one is a little “cheeky” and is meant to be humorous. Take it with a grain of salt and have a little fun.

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