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Travel Photography – What to Take in your Kit?

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Last week we talked about What DSRL Lenses to Take when Traveling and in response had another question from the same reader, Trish:

“Thank you for your article on lenses, it’s helped a lot. I was wondering if you might do a follow up article exploring what else I should consider taking on my trip? I want to travel as light as possible but also want to be as prepared as I can. How much should I pack?”

Thanks again for your question Trish. Packing for a trip is a camera bag is a very personal thing and each traveler will have their own preferences as they attempt to balance weight issues with functionality but let me share a few of the items I pack as well as a few other options you might want to consider depending upon your own destination and requirements (Trish is a DSLR user and so am I so this will largely be aimed at people like us, although a lot of it will translate to point and shoot users):


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