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Travel Photography Subjects: Views

Travel Photography Subjects: ViewsThere are only two more posts left, after this one, in the Travel Photography Subjects series. This subject may seem a bit odd, or that we’ve covered it before. But bear with me and I will explain how this subject stands by itself.

Views. Views, to me, represent a broad category but typically something specific. They differ from straight on shots of the Coliseum or the Eiffel Tower. Shots like those are of something and while almost anything you take a picture of can be considered a ‘view’, the idea here is to represent what it is like to be at a location, looking out. In this case, the view from the Eiffel Tower would be a better representation than the photo of it.

There are many famous views in the world of travel. From the Empire State Building, Sears Tower, Petronas Towers. Any man-made tall building will do. We often think of views as being exclusively from tall structures or high places, like a hot air balloon or airplane. But other views can be captivating. The rim of the Grand Canyon or a hammock on the beach in the Caribbean or from the bottom of the locks in the Panama Canal. All of these are quintessential views many of us have seen in a photograph.

While traveling, look for the typical views, but also bring back something different. The view from your hotel/hostel/rental even if it is not some grand sweeping vista. The view from the back of a taxi. The view looking up at all the tall buildings around you or down a crowded alley.

You may also want to run a theme through some of your travels, such as the view from the center of each town you visit. Or the view from the highest hill. Or even the view from a bar stool at the local watering hole.

Whatever you decide as your view of choice, don’t forget to bring back some good shots so others know what the views are like during your travels. Not every photo needs to be a shot of something, some times it is more important to see the view from something.

Share your favorite view shot in the comments section below!

Previous articles in the Travel Photography Subjects series include Water, Old People, Young People, Religion, Sports, Socializing, Icons, Rich, Poor, Transportation, Economy, Food, Food Preparation, Weather, Art and Modern Vs. Traditional. These posts are not intent on telling you everything you need to do, step by step, to capture perfect, cookie-cutter pictures while traveling. Instead, they are intent on pointing out some vital elements to capture when on the road and highlight thought provoking questions you may want to ask yourself. My hope is they help guide you to find your own means to better expressing what your travels have meant to you and present that in the best light possible. Be sure to subscribe to this site to receive the last three subjects as they are posted!

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