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Travel Photography Inspiration Project: Germany

Wow! It’s been a while since I have made a travel inspiration post and I do apologize. It seems I have been spending too much time traveling and not enough on the computer. But now that school is back in session here in the USA and my own wanderlust will be increasing with continued days at home, I will be rolling out more countries for the DPS Travel Photography Inspiration Project.

I’ve never been to Germany which is why I was happy to gather these images to gain some inspiration for a future trip. I hope you find them inspiring as well.

This is the thirteenth country we are covering in the reader fueled DPS Travel Photography Inspiration Project.

If you would like to be involved in the next country’s post, drop me a line here.


Sony Center by R. Cem IMRE

Description: Nice architecture meets with functionality.  Recommended for public event for all weather conditions. Google Maps: http://goo.gl/maps/kypRw


Untitled by Jenny Downing

Many people burn wood in the winter; woodpiles therefore abound.  Here I was attracted by the patterns made by the wood and the way they formed a wave-like curve against the plain grey wall.  I cropped the image so that the bottom left corner of the window sat on the upper right golden section. 


Frankfurt sunset by Roxana Darie

To tell you a little bit about travel- photography in Germany… At least in Frankfurt you find a multitude of things to photograph, it is a multinational city, the diversity of nationalities makes it rather unique. So you can find on one street a German restaurant, an Australian one, a french bistro and a turkish antiquity shop. I just loved this. Also there are some incredible views on the Main river,  being called "Mainhattan" because of its beautiful skyline that resembles to the Manhattan one.

Lazy summer days

Lazy summer days by Raluca Melania

Bears sunbathing in Stuttgart’s Wilhelma Zoological-Botanical Garden

Stuttgart offers many unique sites for visiting, so after you check out the Mercedes Museum, the local Cathedrals and Castles, don’t forget the Wilhelma Gardens. The place is filled with wildlife and exotic flowers easily accessible to visitors, also easy to photograph, as most of the "inhabitants" are very comfortable around people (as long as the flash lights are kept to a minimum).


Old and New Reconstruction by Alessio Fangano

The facade of Cologne cathedral is a wealth of inspiration, with its contrast between Gothic elements and modern sculptures.

After WWII, the construction of Cologne cathedral was restarted. As one of the few original Gothic cathedrals still in building, a visit to this masterpiece is a must for travelers in the Rhine area.   Link:


The Gossip Barrier by Andreas Vlachos
Description: Inside one of the many industrial artspaces in Berlin, trying to eavesdrop in a language I don't know...

Tip: Artspaces in Berlin and the people inside them are very photogenic, a must-see! Shots like this rely on being able to combine an in-focus foreground with an abstracted out-of-focus background to tell a story, using shallow depth of field (low f-numbers).

Il Chiemsee è il più grande lago bavarese: ha una superficie di 80 kmq, una circonferenza di 64 km ed una profondità massima di 73,4 m. Originariamente il lago raggiungeva una profondità di 250 m. ma le sedimentazioni degli ultimi millenni e l' abbassamento artificiale del lago fra il 1800 ed il 1900 per evitare l' allagamento delle rive, ne ridussero superficie e profondità. D' estate ospita un gran nuimero di uccelli acquatici.

Relaxing Sunday by Giuseppe Maria Galasso

Taken at the Chiem Lake, in Bavaria, Southern Germany. It was April and everybody was enjoying the first sunny days of the year. It was late afternoon and the shadows grew high. I liked that particular light and the whole scene.


Mann(hatten)heim by R. Cem IMRE

Description: No photo has ever changed my opinions for a city like this one. Unfortunately there is no public place available to take similar shots.


Untitled by Jenny Downing

While you are out and about, look up too.  Very often window shutters are beautifully decorated with hand-painted flowers or fruit – in this case it was poppies and grapes.  While I would normally prefer to shoot in the early morning or late afternoon, the harsh contrast from late morning sunshine did not necessarily detract from this shot.


Saint Bartholomew’s Cathedral (Dom Sankt Bartholomäus) – inside detail of the altar by Roxana Darie

You need to have a versatile lens, either a zoom lens or if you like to travel with more equipment I suggest bringing a 50 and maybe a 28/35 for wider views. I shot everything back then with my kit lens 18-105 and for travelling light it is enough.


Ruins of the Renaissance Castle of Heidelberg, in the Baden Wurttemberg area by Raluca Melania

The city of Heidelberg offers many possibilities for a curious visitor, like the a renown University, a picturesque old town, the romantic Neckar river with it’s Old Stone Bridge, the famous ruins of the Heidelberg Castle and so on. The Ruins are visible from many points of the city and are worth a visit, even if for the views from above of the city that it offers. You can usually use a stone wall to stabilize your night photos if you get to the castle after dark.


Spaetzle and Black Forest Beans by Alessio Fangano

A typical earthy meal from the Black Forrest area of Germany: traditional egg noodle, Spaetzle, served with a tangy bean puree and lots of black pepper.

When in Germany, try to scout some nice traditional restaurant.  You might be tempted by the all available pizza and kebab but German food has more to it than sausages and potatoes.


Shadows of Dresden by Andreas Vlachos
The old city of Dresden as seen from across the river Elbe.
Silhouettes at sunset are a very photogenic subject, in particular when one has a beautiful skyline.  Shoot in the direction of the sun, hiding it behind a building if possible using a fast shutter speed.

Old Trabant by Giuseppe Maria Galasso

Trabant was the utility car for former East Germans. Everybody spoke ill of it, but after almost 25 years from Reunification there is still a bunch of them working. I wanted this image to be filled with nostalgia and used this kind of postproduction.


Surfing in green – Munich by R. Cem Imre

Description: Holiday spot of Munich in English Garden Park, a special builded canal takes interest of 4 season surfing fans.

Tip: Taking a nice shot of in two different speed moving objects with a background was really hard.


Untitled by Jenny Downing

Germany is a largely Christian country and at certain times of the year it is rare for a week to go by without some kind of religious festival being celebrated.  My visit to the Black Forest area coincided with Ascension Day (which is also celebrated as Fathers’ Day).  The church service was concluded outside in glorious late May sunshine and a long procession wove its way through the cobbled streets of the town.  This young girl glanced up as I pressed the shutter and gave me just a flicker of a smile.  For fleeting moments such as this I tend to select just the aperture (in this case f8.0) rather than shooting in manual.


Römer by Roxana Darie

Römberg square, one of the most beautiful places in the city.

December fun

December fun by Raluca Melania

Christmas decorations from a Weihnachtsmarkt hut

After the 25th of November, each year the Christmas decorations flood the markets, and bring great light to usually sullen city squares, making the task of photographing some favourite ones quite easy, if you take advantage of the existing light or use a slightly higher ISO setting. But don’t forget: always bring warm gloves or mittens and enjoy a warm cup of Gluhwein (spiced wine) after you tuck your camera away.


Plain And Modern by Alessio Fangano

Modern architecture is everywhere around Bonn, this is one of the bridges across the Rhin shot in a silhouette fashion.

Germany is a great place for hikes and walks in the Nature, just don’t forget to bring with you your camera and a bottle opener for when you will be offered a beer.

East Side Gallery # 5 - Il muro surreale

East Side Gallery #5 – The surrealistic wall by Giuseppe Maria Galasso

The Wall that once divided Berlin in two is part of the history and only few parts of it still survive, especially in the city centre. But if you follow the river you’ll find the “East Side Gallery”, an area where the Wall has been protected and is used as canvas by international artists. I liked this image for its surrealistic value: a door introduces you to a completely new and mysterious world, through the wall….


Königsee reflections by R. Cem Imre

Description: Not only spectacular panorama but also its pilgrim stories make this place "a must go place for all seasons".

Tip: One of my best investments in hobby photography. Fish eye is always fun and give you motivation to take more shots. The outcome is always worthy. I use Walimex Pro Fish-Eye Objektiv 8 mm, which costs around 300€ .

Regensburg and the Danube

Regensburg and the Danube by Giuseppe Maria Galasso

Early morning light is probably the best one for photographing but you have to take account of your geographical position. As I wanted to record this scene of the imposing cathedral with the Danube flowing, I noticed that a sunrise shot would have had light from the wrong side. The sunset light is my best option and helped me to create a “darky” atmosphere together with the stormy sky.

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