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Travel Photography – Getting More Variety in Your Shots

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You’ve probably witnessed the ‘tour bus photo stop’ before. It goes something like this:

  • the bus pulls up at the ‘scenic lookout’
  • 40 tourists pile out of the bus
  • they proceed to rush to the fence separating them from the castle/ruin/coastline/authentic indigenous village
  • they all line up in a line and proceed to snap of 10 shots each as quickly as possible
  • digital cameras are passed around the group so everyone can get a shot of themselves on their own cameras standing in from of the castle/ruin/coastline/authentic indigenous village
  • the tour guide blows a whistle, shouts out that time is up and gets the driver to honk his horn
  • 40 tourists pile back onto the bus
  • the bus roars off to the next ‘scenic lookout’

I’m not knocking tours – I’ve done a few in my time and know that while it’s great to travel at your own pace that tours have some good things going for them.

However, these ‘photo stops’ do no really lend themselves to creative and unique images. I suspect most of the 40 tourists on the bus end up with pretty much identical images to one another (and 99% of tourists on every other bus that goes by).

So how can you do something a little more creative on your next tour? Here are 10 ideas that come to mind:


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Darren Rowse

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