Tips for Using a Reflector the Right Way Outdoors

Tips for Using a Reflector the Right Way Outdoors


A reflector is easy to use, right? Just open it and put it under your model’s chin. WRONG!

Using a reflector may seem really simple but most new photographers make one big mistake with them. They put them in the wrong place to make flattering light on their subject.

Tips for Using a Reflector the Right Way Outdoors

In this video from Joe Edelman, see how NOT to do it, and get some tips on how to use a reflector the right way.

Items mentioned in the video:

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  • Terence McKenna

    Great video. I am an experienced outdoor shooter but not a model shooter. This at least gives me a hint about how to start with reflectors.

  • Kashif Mahmood

    Extraordinary video. I am an accomplished open air shooter yet not a model shooter. This at any rate gives me an insight about how to begin with reflectors.

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