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10 Tips to Boost Your Creativity

tips to boost your creativity

Do you want to capture more creative photos?

In this article, you’ll discover tips to boost your creativity so that you can start taking photos that stand out from the crowd.

There are a number of different approaches you can use for creative images, each with its own benefits.

Read on to find out how you can be even more creative!

1. Try a new technique

A great way to boost your creativity is to learn a new photographic technique.

The choices available to you are vast, so there really is no limit to your creative potential here. And the great thing about learning a new concept is that it’ll generally offer plenty of options for experimentation!

Plus, you can apply what you’ve learned to areas of photography you already know; that way, you can grow in genres you thought you’d already mastered.

Here are a few creative techniques for you to try:

  • Light painting – Transform your scene using tools such as a flashlight or a programmable LED lightstick.
  • Flash – Up your game in both portrait and still life photography by learning how to use off-camera flash.
  • Drone – Get dramatic angles from the sky, once only available to the select few who could hire a helicopter.
tips to boost your creativity woman with light painting
Light painting is a very popular creative technique.

2. Constrain yourself

The best way to really master something is to add constraints.

Too many techniques, ideas, or pieces of equipment can negatively affect the way you approach a subject.

But if you allow yourself to only start taking photos once limitations are in place…

…the results are often much more creative.

For instance, if you only shoot with a 50mm lens, you’ll need to think more creatively about how you’re going to use it.

How about limiting the area you can photograph to 100 meters from your house? You’ll have to work with what you have and think about how you can apply techniques to get creatively interesting photos near your home.

The key here is that, when you’re forced to work with limits, you’ll find different ways to express your vision. Those lessons you learn can then be applied to all of your general photography.

tips to boost your creativity festival
Here, the festival happened to be 100 meters from my house, literally just down the street!

3. Increase your knowledge

Of course, increasing your knowledge of photography is a good way to improve your creativity.

After all, you can only get so far by learning on your own through experimentation. There are many times when reading a photography book, visiting a website like Digital Photography School, or downloading digital resources will make a big difference.

This often happens when you experiment with a new technique and you initially get better, but you then hit the intermediate plateau.

At such a point, looking for expert outside help on the topic you’re learning is a good idea.

4. Use new equipment

Using new equipment is in essence learning a new photography style.

The first time you use a wide-angle lens, your photography will change forever. That’s why getting new equipment is one of my top tips to boost your creativity.

Of course, you need to keep your Gear Acquisition Syndrome under control; going out and buying something new every time you run out of creative ideas is not the way forward.

Also, if you do decide to purchase new equipment, choose something that will really add value to your photography. A wide-angle lens, a tripod, or a flash are all good investments. Then take the time to really learn what the new equipment brings to the table.

tree shot through a lensball
Why not try a lensball? This photo combines a creative zooming technique with a lensball.

5. Explore a new location

You’ve learned a new technique or mastered some more equipment, so what is the next challenge?

Indulge your wanderlust and try a brand new destination!

Going somewhere new is the equivalent of a painter starting with a blank canvas; you have so many possibilities. Once you know the area to which you’ll be traveling, I recommend you plan your trip beforehand. Start by researching the iconic photography locations that are worth visiting. Then go beyond the iconic photos and see how you can photograph the locations in a way that is uniquely yours.

lensball composition in Greece
This photo was taken on a visit to Greece the first time I visited there.

6. Revisit places

It’s also possible to capture creative photos of places you’ve visited before!

There are several reasons you might get different – and perhaps even better – results by revisiting a place.

First of all, you will know where the locations with the best angles are (though the challenge is to reinterpret compositions you’ve found in the past).

Here’s some advice for getting creative shots when revisiting locations:

  • Go during different seasons – Locations can have a dramatically different feel from one season to the next, such as summer to autumn.
  • Try a new technique – If you’ve learned a new skill since last shooting a location, why not try it out?
  • Wait before revisiting – Sometimes, you simply need time to think about a location before revisiting with fresh ideas.
South Korean village
This local folk village is a short drive from where I live in South Korea.

7. Join a photography club

One of the best ways to learn from other photographers is to join a photography community. So consider joining your local photography club or an online photography group.

Clubs and groups are a great place to be inspired by other photographers and to learn from their experience. You may also get the chance to collaborate on creative projects. You might even get to run a joint exhibition.

go on photowalks to boost your creativity
Joining other photographers for club meet-ups like photowalks is a great experience.

8. Start a project

A great way to bring focus and direction to your photography is to start a project.

There are plenty of options, though a successful project will take some time commitment. The benefits are huge, though, as your mind will be focused on how to enhance your project, which will then increase your creativity.

sunset landscape tips to boost your creativity
Why not begin a project by photographing the same location repeatedly?

9. Combine techniques

Here’s another tip to boost your creativity:

Combine different techniques or photographic styles. This might give you a fresh take on a style of photography you’ve been practicing for years.

For instance, why not try combining light painting with lensball photography? Or you could try flash photography and light painting (which is another excellent combination!).

Think about the techniques you know and how they complement each other. That way, you can combine them to create a new style of image.

10. Get feedback on your work

There are plenty of benefits to getting feedback on your photography.

First of all, it will improve your work! However, remember that you’ll be getting other people’s opinions – people who may not understand the creative vision you have.

You need to ensure you keep your own unique creative drive, while also taking on board the ways you can improve your game.

Ideally, you’ll find someone whose feedback encourages your creativity and pushes you to get the best results.

Tips to boost your creativity: Conclusion

Now that you’ve read this article, you should be ready to try some creative photography.

So pick your favorite tip and get creative!

Now I’d like to know your thoughts:

How do you stay creative? Are there any tips you can give to the community? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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