Facebook Pixel Tips for Doing a Summer Project 92 to Get You Out Shooting

Tips for Doing a Summer Project 92 to Get You Out Shooting

You’ve heard of the fabled Project 365, right? A photo a day for a year. We’ve even posted theme ideas here on dPS for those interested in a long-term project. But what about if you know that you aren’t going to make it all year, especially when the weather turns ugly and you love shooting outdoors? Enter, the Summer Project92.

Tips for Doing a Summer Project 92 to Get You Out Shooting

What is it?

The idea is the same as the Project 365 but with a larger emphasis on getting outside and exploring your world with a camera. Keeping this project short and simple will hopefully encourage you to pick up that dusty camera and head outside. Smartphone, drone, underwater…it doesn’t matter the type of camera you are using, the point is to use it!

If you sometimes get stuck when looking for subjects, I have a list of weekly themes that should help give you some motivation. There are 13 weeks and one day to summer with the first day being June 21. So I’m going to follow the sun on this one and make all weeks start on a Thursday, just to mix it up.

Tips for Doing a Summer Project 92 to Get You Out Shooting

Some Ideas

  • Week 1 – June 21stBlooming – There are tons of flowers out there, just begging for a portrait.
  • Week 2 – June 28thEndless Sunshine – I know it seems like the days last forever, but they are actually getting shorter, so get out there and shoot how it feels.
  • Week 3 – July 5th – It’s the Small Things – Time to get up close and personal with the little things that make nature and summer unique.
  • Week 4 – July 12thDaydreams – Most of us don’t get the entire summer off work, but that shouldn’t stop you from daydreaming.
  • Week 5 – July 19thSunsets – A whole week of sunsets? Why not! You can throw in some sunrises too if you like.
  • Week 6 – July 26thPatterns – Look for the repetitions in life.

Tips for Doing a Summer Project 92 to Get You Out Shooting

  • Week 7 – August 2ndPlayfulness – Get playful with your shots, either of people and/or animals at play or create a playful scene.
  • Week 8 – August 9th – Heat – Oh my, is it ever hot out there!
  • Week 9 – August 16thBring on the Night – Yes, a whole week of night photography! It’s a good way to avoid the heat sometimes.
  • Week 10 – August 23rdSummers of the Past – This is a chance to dig up some memories and archive those prints from your past. Find seven favorite photos from summers of the past and share them digitally.
  • Week 11 – August 30thRoadtrip – All things cars or camping or hotels/motels or the open road.
  • Week 12 – September 6thFamily and Friends – What’s summer without good people around you to enjoy it with?
  • Week 13 – September 13thFoods of Summer – Plan ahead as you might want to shoot this one on food as the summer progresses (yes, I allow that kind of cheating in my photo projects).
  • That Extra Day – September 20thTransitions – All good things come to an end unless you are already thinking about doing a fall project?

If you don’t want to follow the schedule above, that’s just fine. There are no hard and fast rules about what to shoot and when. Although might I suggest that if you post your photos on social media, that you use the hashtag #SummerProject92? That way those of us who want to feel inspired (me!) will be able to find and comment on your work more easily.


A blog, Tumblr, Instagram…the format doesn’t matter. What matters is to get out there and start shooting and sharing. And enjoy your summer! Psst, might I suggest posting some results in the dPS Facebook Group?

Forgive me for those of you in the Southern Hemisphere as I realize you are about to head into winter. You can start a #WinterProject92 and we’ll catch up with you in about six months.

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